Hero Worship or Stalker? you decide..

Initially I was driven by the need to discover all things Phlegm and that took me to various places as I tried to document his back catalogue.


This is an early piece. Another fascinating part of this process has been seeing artists, not just Phlegm, develop and grow as time has gone on.


Through stalking Phlegm I gradually became aware of more and more local talent such as Skint although at the time I took this photo it was just a word on a wall, there was and still is, so much to learn.


I still don’t know who did this.


Another building another early Phlegm piece. He made a comment once on his blog about drug addicts knowing where the best derelict places are.


Sadly he was right. I get very excited when I access a location that is new to me and it’s a real task to keep an eye on the floor for what horrors may be there, but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. This building was and still is one of the worst in the city.


This was the first piece I saw of Fauna Graphics’, I know now it was quite unusual as she doesn’t do many letters pieces.

Both of these locations have changed considerably over time as you will see.

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