Court Round-up


As time went on, I began to do more research on my chosen subject and came to realise that Google Earth was my new best friend, that, streetview and flickr. I still find it amazing how many places I never knew existed till I got into this and I’ve lived in Sheffield all my life.


Places like this little ballcourt were totally off my radar, but me and Mount Pleasant Court were already getting cosy.


This was and still is the busier of the two courts, getting a full makeover on a very regular basis. This has given rise to   beef on occasions, with the aggrieved writer going over the others work on purpose. A common occurence in the graff world and one I find frustrating and fascinating in equal measure.


The skatepark on Devonshire Green is quite a popular spot but many of the pieces are worn away rapidly as it is popular with skateboarders and BMXers as well. There is also a small section of wall that is used by artists, sometimes a piece will last a couple of months, but it has been known to change three times in a week.


The more photos I took of graffiti I began to spot similarities, pick out individual artists, the guy above did lots of pieces here and it took me ages to put a name to him.


The piece above is by Espre, I took this photo in 2009 and realised what it said about an hour ago. As stated previously I’ve still a lot to learn!

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