Pigeon Coops in Spring

In my quest to see that bloke Phlegms work, I have ended up in some strange places. Staggering up a very steep bank trying to walk on partially buried milk bottles overgrown with brambles to get to an abandoned pigeon coop was fun, although  practically tumbling into the path of rush hour traffic on my way back down was funnier, wide eyed and covered in brambles, twigs and I dread to think what else, I gave a few motorists a fright.

The early part of the year, can be a bit slow on the graffiti front,  not a lot happening unless you know where to look and at this point I did not. Good time for having a wander and finding all the stuff you’ve missed.

This is by Rowdy and Gold Peg.

Hungry Horace is still a conundrum to me. I don’t know who or why, but he’s certainly brightened up the Sheaf Valley trail and Porter  Brook areas with his wacky productions, using car seats,  tiles, chests and carpet in his productions. Sadly a lot of the Horaces have been buffed now, but I guess it just means he will have to make more.

Bubba 2000, I love this but it was very short lived as the University has a zero tolerance policy to graffiti, even when it’s really good.

As I am currently incapacitated, it’s really quite frustrating to see the ground I was covering on a regular basis… at least it’s only 15 days and counting till the pot comes off!

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