Water Water Everywhere, But Not Anymore…


I don’t drive which does sometimes make my hobby/ obsession difficult to say the least, but luckily my boys are now all grown up and can on occasion be begged or bribed to get me to the more inaccessible places. Bribery it was that finally got me here, a former water treatment site left to fall derelict due to a battle over planning permission. This is really bad for the building and the local community, but really good for local street artists, particularly during bad weather.


Rocket01 was able to use this place almost exclusively for quite some time until the popularity of his and other artists work made it a kind of graffiti tourist attraction, for photographers, and a potential painting spot for other writers and artists.


An early Phlegm piece before he’d consolidated the style of his characters.


Fauna Graphic has also painted here, though this piece was starting to deteriorate, so clearly wasn’t recent.


This collaboration between Rocket01 and Sebasura (I think) had obviously been there a while too. In more recent times no pieces have been left long enough to deteriorate naturally.


The skylights are what make this place so special for the artists because of the quality of light they provide although the glass is out of most of them now.

The general decay of the building can be seen as my journey continues.

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