Another Court Round-up

Before my OCD kicked in properly I just used to pop to the skatepark and the ballcourts every now and then. It only occurred to me gradually that I was missing so much, and I couldn’t  have that! At this point though, I was still pretty oblivious..

The spiky chap above is by CoLor Art, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I was also unaware that there was a graffiti jam once a year at Mount Pleasant Park and by chance ended up there not long after one, there was some amazing stuff. I’m guessing, looking at them now, that the ones I don’t recognise are not Sheffield artists, but I could be wrong.

Like this piece above, I would love to know who did this.

This piece is  byBooms, I know that now, I really should have known it then.

Rast, Skint and ACAB, part of the Real Hate Crew, the bikes aren’t theirs by the way!

I spent a long time believing this was Kid Acne, only to be told, eventually, it was french (parisian even) female artist EMA.

This ballcourt  was not as popular as Mount Pleasant, although it is much more popular now as the street art community has grown in number, confidence and popularity.

This isn’t  a court shot it was in the town centre. Some purists don’t like stuff like this, but I love it. That someone had taken time to make this and  then gone and stuck it on a door in town for surely no other reason than to make people smile, I think that’s ace. I love the huge detailed fantastic pieces that symbolise what street art is all about, but there is always room for the simple things, isn’t there?

7 thoughts on “Another Court Round-up

  1. Hi Fiona, I remember spending most of the day watching the piece in the third photograph being painted at the jam. I’m pleased you saw it. It was totally bonkers and brilliant! Its one of my all time favourites from the courts. You are right the artists were not from Sheffield. 4 people collaborated and it took over 7 hours to finish. I’ve forgotten the names of the artists. I remember two were from Bristol and two were from Nottingham. It was three blokes and a woman. I’m sorry but that’s where my info dries up! I’m enjoying your blog posts. I hope your leg is healing so you can get out and about with your camera… Best wishes, N.

      • It was a brilliant piece of work that was madly intricate and complex in its design. They didn’t backwash the wall before painting so in the early stages of lining out on top of previous work it just looked like total chaos! It was fascinating to see them turn total chaos into something so brilliant.
        I am enjoying your blog and the personal take on it all and learning a bit in the process. Cheers…

  2. I wish I’d seen that Mount Pleasant collaboration ‘in the flesh’! I also used to think that the EMA piece was by Kid Acne, I suppose because you often tend to see their work in the same locations. I’ve never been able to work out who was responsible for the series of pointing hands that appeared around the same time as EMA’s drop men and Kid Acne’s posters in Portuguese! I’m really enjoying reading your posts, I look forward to tne next one! Cheers, Dave

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