Wrong Side of the Tracks


Derelict buildings with rotting floors and collapsing roofs are one thing to get the adrenaline pumping but railway lines, that’s a whole new world of terror and certain death as far as I’m concerned. Although apparently, the image above turns most grown men into school boys all over again. The first time we went to this location I had a picture in my head of a newspaper headline ‘Couple killed by Intercity 125 in search of Graffiti’, imagine my relief when we got to the track to find this lovely little engine parked and a closed gate across the track.  Please be aware this is the only place I know of like this.


I have a very healthy fear of the tracks and that artists are able to go and paint in places like this amazes me. And there is some really good stuff there too.


Riseone does this little alien (?) character whom I love dearly and as such was one of the first artists whose work I could recognise.


I don’t know how that ended up there, he gets about that Phlegm doesn’t he?


Rast, he does some really colourful pieces, I particularly like this one.


Happy Halloween from Real Hate Crew! I think it’s great how many artists do seasonal pieces and productions and halloween is my favourite!


Trespassing on a railway is strictly illegal, punishable with a hefty fine or worse and having a graffiti obsession is not an acceptable defence.

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