Bricks, Bricks, Bricks

I have seen more of the city while following graffiti than I ever saw before. But I can safely say I never would have found this place without the help of a good friend. We had a walk through some beautiful countryside to get here.

Rocket01 has done a little bit of painting here.

Some of the pictures are not good quality as the there was no light in some areas of the site. I do apologise.

Gutted that I didn’t get here until after the fire, but the damage/decay almost adds a little to the post apocalyptic feel I get from some of Rockets pieces.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Fauna Graphics’ peacock which I would have loved to have seen in all its glory.

Thankfully only one part of this vast site had been affected by fire, this famous painting is quite wonderfully intact.

Another well known piece by Rocket01 as reflected in a mirror.

There is a little graffiti by other artists, not artists I am familiar with.

This place was quite a hike for us but really worth it, not just for the graff but the building itself, just as well.

We got there and I was happily snapping away and my batteries died. No problem, I always carry spares…which were also flat!

We returned the next day and had covered most of the site before the security guard escorted us, very kindly, off  the premises.

Due a return visit me thinks.

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