Old School Graffiti


We got a lift here from my son and his mate who scaled 5ft railings while we walked round and through the gate, that was wide open.

What a place this was, I felt like I was on hallowed ground, I haven’t seen a graffiti’d area like this in Sheffield, before or since. Again it was a tip from a friend that led me here, for which I’m really grateful.


There was a youth club and an old sports hall that were covered with vibrant colourful works of art such as the Gzos piece at the top, the Kory piece above and the Risk piece below.


I knew of a few of the artists at the time such as Fauna.


The letters piece above is not her usual style, but I really like it.


A great collaboration from Rocket01 and Boms above and below is my most favourite Rocket01 piece ever.


There was just so much to see.




I didn’t know who did this but have been since told its Aroe MSK – Cheers Fry!


Jaer did the piece above.


Piece by Teas (I think)


Collaboration piece by Fauna Amin and Rocket01.

The above piece may be still visible, but all the pieces on the sports hall have gone as the sports hall has been demolished to make way for a housing development. I only saw this place once and never got the chance again, such a shame that part of Sheffields artistic history has been lost.

5 thoughts on “Old School Graffiti

  1. I’m sorry to hear that most of this has been demolished. Although it’s not a substitute for the real thing, this emphasises the value of taking photographs so that pieces such as these are not completely lost.

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