The Watery Adventures of Hungry Horace

I’ll start with a contradiction, all Hungry Horace pieces and installations are by water, except this one!

I’ve put the Horaces in an artist specific post instead of place because they are quite unique, they’re not in the usual graff spots and well, I think they’re just a little bit bonkers.

The range of materials used has at times been mind boggling.

I mean this has taken real time and effort to set up.

That’s dedication and self belief that is.

And attention to detail.

What does it mean? I have no idea…

Sadly most of the installations were dismantled quite rapidly, whether by vandals, well meaning trophy hunters or Mother Nature, I’ll never know. Many of the paintings have been ‘cleaned off’ which is so frustrating. I covered the Sheaf Valley Trail and most of the Porter Brook, places I had never been before, looking for Horaces,  they are hardly vandalism. I really wish the protectors of these local areas, who in general I really admire, would realise that features like this can add to an urban trail and actually draw the public in.

After all who can look at a Horace without smiling, even if they are scratching their head at the same time?

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