Manchester Awayday

Apparently they don’t just have graffiti in Sheffield and Nottingham, somebody told me they have a little bit in Manchester too, so we decided it was time to go and have a look. It didn’t disappoint.

In fact we realised quite rapidly that there was a lot to see.

Invaders, I love them, I found about 20 0f these, that’s around half of them I think.

Kelzo, Manchester based artist, does a lovely bulldog. This wall included pieces from Sheffields own Rocket01 and Fauna Graphic.

Nearly got run over by several buses, while trying to get a decent photo of this.

This was on a parking ticket machine, I’d really like to know who John Smith is and why he made this, it’s really quirky and random.

Frank  Sidebottom!

I know Aryz did part of this, don’t know who the other contributers are, I think it’s great though.

I love this too, it’s a pity it was a bit wrecked by the time I saw it.

O and this was my first introduction to yarn bombing which I think is wonderfully mad!

So, I have to grudgingly accept that Manchester has a fair amount of pretty good graffiti. I also have to acknowledge that I barely scratched the surface of what there is to see. I think I will be returning, on a fairly regular basis, with a map.

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