Year End Roundup

I have quite a ‘Graffiti Walk’, (when I can walk) it’s really good exercise. This post is representative of the places covered, and takes us to the end of 2011, starting at Devonshire Green with a piece by Imer from Leeds.

Riseones’ little character in a baseball cap has loads of variations in sticker form allover the city, I love them.

Rocket01 has started making use of Sheffields bare spaces with fantastic green themed murals such as this.

Another ballcourt another Leeds artist I think.

Skint and CoLor. Saw the guys painting this while the weather was freezing, you have to admire the dedication. We left them to it and went to Uncle Sams for a meal!

Onto the next ballcourt. Keep Amp and, I don’t know who, visitors from out of town.

Trik9 Halloween piece, absolutely fabulous!

This is a different ballcourt that took me a very long time to find. It has some nice work but is only small, so I’ll only visit occasionally. The wall above is by Teas, Meth and Trik9 I believe.

CoLor Art did a series of socks throughout the city, this was the christmas one. By the first time we saw it was a little battered, as above, the second time it was in pieces. Pity some people don’t appreciate attempts to brighten their day.

Apart from the small court, this is a fairly regular tour for me, come rain or shine, always interesting always something new to see, can’t wait till I can do it again.

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