Sand Sea,Spray and a Giant Seagull

If you were to ask me, I’d have to say Blackpool is not one of my favourite places. So it was with some trepidation we set off to the Sand Sea and Spray event, not too sure what to expect. Clutching a map of painting sites we did the rounds and honestly, I loved it. The piece above by The London Police was the first we saw of this years work, but we had walked via the bus station where much of the art from the previous year was still intact.

It wasn’t long before I was getting over excited, seeing so many artists working, some of whom I had only ever seen pictures on the internet of their work, others, were completely new to me.

Julian Kimmings was an artist I had heard of, it was good to see a piece of his close up.

Sheffields’ own Rocket01 battled on to complete his part of this collaboration with Sune  despite being full of flu and receiving complaints from a nearby business holder, who was apparently not a fan of the art.

It was nice to meet people too, putting faces to names, like Jay, stencil artist extraordinaire from Manchester.

Louis Masai Michel, a name we hadn’t known till Blackpool, but have been following his progress ever since.

Lonac, I had begun to wonder if he would ever finish his fantastic wall, it was still looking a long way from being complete when we left. We had done several circuits of the painting sites, it had been a great day, even the weather had been glorious. Exhausted but happy we headed off home and personally I can’t wait till the next one!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, the seagulls in Blackpool are HUGE!!


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