Come Hell or High Water (Weather Permitting)

Despite the awful weather the graffiti/street art scene is ticking over nicely, helping my return to full fitness no end, in between the blizzards, torrential rain, ice and howling gales, that is.

Eugene Booms has been busy, this piece is quite small compared to some he’s done lately.


Kid Acne has been out and about with a new batch of stabby women, which I adore, don’t know if I’ve found them all yet.


Been aware of this artist for a while, really pleased to finally find a piece of his work on the street, Xhastexo.

DSCF5511 (2)


Not a new piece, but well worth a revisit. Rowdy x Mighty Mo x Gold Peg x Sweet Toof BC, these are not local and I would love to know how this came to be painted.

DSCF5561 (2)


Color Art called this piece Cabin Fever Reliever, I can relate to that.


This wall was painted by Kid Acne as a tribute to the much loved Okie Dulo who died suddenly earlier this month.


Not often you have to look skywards to find graffiti in the city but this is quite eyecatching.



So lets have some better weather please, so the wonderful writers and painters of Sheffield can get back out there and keep happy eccentrics like me busy!

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