DSCF0698A sign we’ve had some decent weather recently, the pace of work in the city has been frenetic. A recent visitor to Sheffield Rateone, brought a cuddly cyclops with him.DSCF0620Boms and CoLor Art produced this clever collaboration that is  even better in the flesh.

DSCF0614I don’t know who, Krutz perhaps? I like the elephant, blue previously, and the character to the left which is from a computer game, or so I’ve been told.

DSCF0702Xhastexo and Bine, both artists developing rapidly at the moment.

DSCF0744Prone, a favourite of mine, the character on the wall and the man himself.

DSCF0738Emit, another artist going up a notch recently, top stuff.

DSCF0612Coloquix is quietly taking over the city peeping ladies and cats are appearing all over the place.

DSCF0741Lone, on it with a passion this year, good to see.

DSCF0496With some regret the graffiti’d buiding on the Moor, and it would appear that all the boards went with it, have been demolished, it’s a pity nobody thought to save them.

DSCF0653But at least there is new Phlegm work still in progress and appearing in the city, we haven’t lost him to the rest of the world just yet.


4 thoughts on “Buzzing!

  1. Xhastexo’s new work looks great, the Coloquix stuff is wonderfully spooky and we’re always up for more Phlegm!

    Moaned to a few people about the loss of The Moor’s art. It’s just f*&king ridiculous that people are stealing Phlegm boards, but that all of that stuff will end up in landfill! It would have looked great in any club/pub beer garden (or home garden) and they could’ve made money on it too!

    • Xhastexo is really multi talented, I hope he does well. Coloquix is, by my understanding, a musician in the first instance. who’s recently got into graff and developing at quite a rate exciting times!

      As for the Phlegm /Kid Acne and EMA pieces, I honestly thought somebody would have taken most of it, legally or otherwise, but it looks like most of it is under the rubble. Although funnily enough on the building next to the one that’s been knocked down there was a door and a little panel that Phlegm had painted, a man on the door and a house on the little panel, they have disappeared, go figure!

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