DSCF1732Been on a few road trips recently 2 to a place I’d been before and a third to a new (to me) spot and I went with a few friends this time. Found this Boaster piece, wish I’d seen it intact.

DSCF1736Somehow I managed to miss this magnificent Tekonta Secta piece on my first visit.

DSCF1811Love this wall and the reflection made my day.

DSCF1879Fancy seeing him here, he looks surprised to see me too!

DSCF2433Felt very privileged to watch Fauna Graphic work, and I witnessed her near death experience when some slates from the roof decided to relocate themselves to the inside of the building exactly where she was painting! Dangerous business this sometimes.

DSCF2461The finished piece ‘Nature Nurse’, a great new character I hope to see again.

DSCF2441A dark piece by CoLor at the entrance of a rather strange tunnel.

DSCF2542Foundry was practising a piece for an upcoming huge wall project in Wolverhampton.

DSCF2574Fauna and Color collaboration, Meerkats and a Great Tit, accompanied by a strange chap in a mask, obviously. Favourite shot of that day, when asked if I wanted to see the mask, this was totally not what I expected.

DSCF3208I’d love to know who did this, there’s no sign of a name on it, I like it, a lot.

DSCF3248Fame kills, apparently, set up for  a model shoot perhaps?

DSCF3370I spy with my little eye…

DSCF3377Him again!

DSCF3380Color and Nymph, good to watch her style and confidence improving with each piece she does.

Hopefully will be revisiting these places soon, can’t wait to see what’s new!

3 thoughts on “Roadtrippin’

  1. I never saw that Boaster intact either. Still funny we both missed that Tek piece on our first visit there! Always nice to see the big blue AF (and the CTC piece) from the train to Sheffield.

    Cool to see Fauna in action – and just great to have all these lovely folks down a bit nearer to me. They really shake the scene up 😀

    In a way, that “Fame Kills” business was the most interesting thing at either spot! Just had to wonder what the story was there…

    Don’t rush back expecting much new, as I was at both a couple of weeks back. There’s parts of “site 2” you didn’t catch though ;>
    ‘course if you bring folks with you then you’ll be guaranteed a show!

    And I can tell you who did the black outline piece ;> Derby guy I’d met previously, who turns out to be friend of friends, and whose exhibition opening I went to right after I was done at Notts last week. He’s got other pieces there, some old, some new and he’s yet to visit “site 1”, but does want to.
    Check him out:

    • As I told you, I can see me doing a bit more road tripping, with or without friends, good to see different sites I think. Site 2 definitely had more bits to it, not all were accessible, and some didn’t look worth the effort. There was a really good piece that was badly dogged, so I didn’t post that, some ace buildings though. What’s up that ‘private road’? I was going to have a nosey then a 4×4 went up, so I decided not to bother.
      I’ll look your buddy up, loved that piece, really unusual style.
      Wakefield tomorrow, wish I’d got some wellies!

      • I need to get about more too. Vary it a bit, I mean. I will, I swear, after just one more trip to Sheffield! XD
        Most of site2 was actually accessible. I went in 3 or 4 of the buildings – not including the old house at the start. You will go ape for one of those buildings, methinks ;>

        There’s supposed to be some ruined mock Tudor house up that road. Couple’a people have told me about it. Dogwalker I saw on the day actually suggested I go up look at it. Sounds like everyone does XD

        Todd’s nuts. I’ve seen him work before and, rather than have a sketch, he just goes at it with all these books and pages by his side – diagrams of brains, car manuals, photos of mosquitoes, etc. Reminded me of Mila’s stuff a bit in places.

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