Catching Up Again!

DSCF7512Sorry for the gap between posts, been caught up in the festive spirit (blatant lie!) Anyway let’s get back on track. I do like stickers and slaps, nice to see a Tom Newell one.DSCF7580CoLor and Narke and an attack of the munchies I think.DSCF7583Cantastic Art, becoming an increasingly regular visitor to Sheffield, I like this much.DSCF7564This gorgeous lion is part of an amazing looking mural on the Hallam Uni Students Union building , painted by  graphic design graduate Sachin Limbachia, can’t wait to see it without the scaffolding around it.DSCF7569 Stitch (6000x1392)Gzos and Jaer, laying claim and brightening more of the bored boards in our city.DSCF7529Slugger, much more than that I don’t know, quirky characters though 🙂 DSCF7634Heard this character was being retired, a pity if it’s true, he’s one of my favourites, by Riseone. DSCF7516And finally, the last in the series….Bunny! this one is by Alex Ekins

2 thoughts on “Catching Up Again!

  1. Nice set of shots and as always full of information 🙂 I took some pics of Phlegms foxes yesterday and while chatting to the owner it became clear that once again you were ahead of me by a number of days! He didn’t know your name but described someone that must have been you! My pics of the urban foxes are up on P/Cafe if you want to take a look. Keep up the good work, best wishes 🙂

    • There was a car parked in front of it when I went, I had to cobble several shots together to make the completed pic! Good to see Phlegm back in Sheffield but I fear it will be a short visit 😦
      Thank you once again for your kind words, compliments of the season to you! 🙂

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