Dayrider, £4 Citywide Tour

DSCF8973On my travels found this beauty by C3, looks like she’s becoming a regular visitor to Sheffield, all good  🙂DSCF8902Something fishy about this Coloquix piece, not a cat in sight.DSCF8894Funny what you can find when you fall through a doorway, not sure how old this Sour x Narke collab is, but I wouldn’t have found it otherwise!DSCF8890I do like these cheeky chimps by Xhastexo, he’s got quite a collection I think.DSCF8882Sico trying something a little different, I’m a fan!DSCF8868I’m really loving these new characters from Eug, can’t believe some numpty dogged it within a week…DSCF8919Big Mouth by Rateone, I’ve seen a photo of a piece he did out of Sheffield where he made use of a doorway in a similar fashion, so glad he’s done one here.DSCF8933Greenz and Brisk, gloriously green!DSCF8947 StitchNOFX x Dyson, The Deadly Type, quality. DSCF8964After a short sabbatical, Gzos has risen again. Praise be!DSCF8970Recreating one of the prints from his recent exhibition, Kid Acnes’ Ping Pong Girls.

Mustn’t grumble about a day out for £4, always lots to see, but it would be nice if they had toilets and perhaps a mini bar on the tram…

6 thoughts on “Dayrider, £4 Citywide Tour

  1. Top notch. Always hard to pick a favourite from your blogs.
    Sico’s piece was definitely most surprising though, love it.
    Rate’s new dental work isn’t a patch on his previous but it’s still pretty sweet.

    Couldn’t tell you how old that Narke & Sour burn is either, but I do know it used to be NOFX out there.

    And just who the hell dogs Booms? :s

    • Thanks J! I don’t think Sico was too sure about it , but I think it’s cool, and you’re right about the Rateone piece but I guess he would need a specific doorway to achieve that again. As for the Booms piece, I was go glad I got to see it before it was dogged, I think it was probably kids, they’d painted a very badly drawn spliff on the face, saw it on Instagram, gutted, really loved that character.

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