Derby Graff Jam : Court In The Act

DSCF1267Had a little trip over to Derby for the first ‘Court in the Act’ event. The above piece, by Tekonta Secta, greeted us on our arrival.DSCF1269Sheffield was well represented, Casino was in attendance.DSCF1282As were Xhastexo and Byne.DSCF1284Plenty of local talent was on display too. DSCF1289Deze, some names were shamelessly stolen from the Derby Graff page on Facebook 😉 Bot with one of his wonderful creations.DSCF1294I think this was an old piece, loving the style.DSCF1295An eye-catching piece by Repz.DSCF1324Rise, this was one of favourite pieces on the day.DSCF1336CoLor Art was there too to take on the container challenge, I think he won.DSCF1351Last saw this writers work at Russells Youth Club, great to see him in action again.DSCF1353Rews another local lad I think.DSCF1357Nice piece by Peach, good to see her trying different things.DSCF1359Rate One knocked out this cracking piece, not bad at all for his first paint at a jam.DSCF1349Byne and Xhastexo were asked to paint a car by nearby resident. Local children were very concerned that they had permission to do this, and even though the artists assured them they did, they still felt the need to check with the car owner as well!DSCF1365Gutted that we had to leave before the paper came off.DSCF1300Apologies to Lisk Bot for being one of the many who asked where the robot was……he was hiding all the time! 😉

Really enjoyed this little jam, hope there will be another one soon, and well done to Jay for organising it!

2 thoughts on “Derby Graff Jam : Court In The Act

  1. Ha, I wondered when this blog entry would be appearing. Cheers chick!

    The “Noble” piece was done by Sire a week or so before. He was one of many that was gutted he couldn’t make it on the day. And that old piece was part of the centre’s refurb a couple of years back when a buncha Derby College kids got on it:
    There was some nice stuff layed down that day, but the site had so much more potential! Just amazed the spot slipped my attention for so long 😮

    Weather’s not giving painters much of a chance at the mo – we got so lucky with that one day – but Repz has already been back and hit it again :>

    Thanks again for making it down and I’ll be sure to let ya know when the next one is. We’ll definitely be going bigger next time ;>

  2. Was a good day thanks to jay for arranging it & the first graff jam hope i get to do some more.note to ones self.take some reference drawings/sketches and don’t just freestyle it on the day.cheers for the feature fiona hope you liked the donny mag with phlegm stuff.keep up the tip top blog. Xx

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