Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em!

DSCF5289Trik9, one of the nicest guys in graff, only went and put on an exhibition, no way I was going to miss it!DSCF5276The venue was Menzels and  the staff were very accommodating.DSCF5336There were 14 pieces in total, all awesome.DSCF5272Letters and characters, top notch beauties in his distinctive style.DSCF5269The works were displayed all around the bar.DSCF5275It was clear that Trik9 had spent a lot of time and effort on this, his first solo show.DSCF5287I think this piece was my favourite, absolutely stunning.DSCF5295I’m not entirely sure how a 7 to smoke works( showing my age 😉  ), but it was great. Superstar Mc Nige was on hand to compere with Duscky and Bill Gert providing the tunes for the dance off.

DSCF5293 DSCF5292 DSCF5286Love this face! DSCF5310Good to see a lady representing too. DSCF5339And of course Trik9 had to have a go once the competition was over (to show them how it’s done! ;))DSCF5348Trik9 had been hard at it all day and with the help of family,friends and colleagues he’d done a cracking job. I did manage to get a decent photo of the man himself before we headed for home. Well done Sir! A great night for a great artist, what’s next?


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