Amsterdam for Graffiti Lovers


So, we land in Amsterdam in snow and ice, not ideal, when you’re on crutches, but at least the hotel was near the station………….. Nearly 3 hours later, after 3 boat trips and staggering around the centre, we realised our hotel had moved, well it was a boat.

Most people would probably be unimpressed to find that their hotel had moved to the north end of the harbor, a 10 minute ferry ride, and is moored at the side of a derelict submarine in a rather run down area with abandoned looking buildings covered in graffiti.

Lucky we’re not most people then.


The snow had gone by the next day, replaced by heavy rain and strong winds, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm until the rain became horizontal and my camera went on strike.



To say I loved this place was an understatement.


And then there was Spuistraat,



Zaira, not a name I’d heard of before, but one I will be looking out for now.


Bustart, I had heard of before we came, he has quite a presence in Amsterdam.


If we hadn’t had the docks and Spuistraat, our graffiti tour could have been a bit of a let down. This was because Flevopark, world famous graffiti spot, has had a bit of a makeover, structural renovations have meant that, for our visit at least, the volume of graff  was nowhere near what we had expected.  But what there was, was pretty good.




I love Amsterdam, this was my 4th visit, but my first for 7 years, the first pictures of graff I took were then. I believe the scene has exploded since that time, previously, I stumbled upon it, it’s pretty much inescapable now.

And I’m pleased to report that Flevopark since my return home is filling up nicely 🙂


I’d just like to say, if anyone is familiar with the very posh NH Grand Krasnapolsky in Dam Square and heard about it being taken over by Santa and his elves briefly during one night in December……………….it was nothing to do with me 😉

Amsterdam Sticker Edition


We went to Amsterdam for a friends birthday. I love Amsterdam, the first pictures I took of graff were in Amsterdam in 2005. It’s fair to say it’s changed a bit since then.

I have done a sticker edition and will do a writing/painting post next, just because there is so much.



These were all over with various comments on them, sadly again, I don’t know who does them.


I know some people don’t like stickers, but I do, the sheer variation and quality is amazing.



I wish I knew who they were by, more research needed me thinks.


One of (many) favourites.


Sweet. Everybody loves bunnies, don’t they?


An egg by CoLor art and a Kisk sticker, no idea how they got there 😉


2012 Sheffield Personal Favourites


When it comes to choosing favourites for Sheffield, I may be foolish, even to try, there are so many. But I thought I’d give it a go anyway and I apologise in advance if I’ve managed to upset anybody, it really wasn’t my intention.

Above is my favourite Rocket01 piece of the year, I do love a bit of nature!


Favourite Mila K, because I believe this was the first time he did the fully formed ‘Mila’ character in Sheffield.



Wolf because…………………because he can!



Fauna Graphic, Crane, because I think it’s lovely.



Trik9, just awesome, best thing he’s done to date.


Skint, I love the character and the range of colours he uses, always have.



Mis Red Art, new to the street scene, force to be reckoned with I think!



Gzos with a little help from Jaer ‘War of the Words’ a favourite because of the sheer amount of work that went into it. So disappointed I missed out on the ‘pants’ shots though!



CoLor Art, S1N City, because it’s really good and I don’t want to have sort through the sheer volume of brilliant work by this artist, to have to try and choose another.



Booms character piece, part of a collaboration with Rocket01. Favourite because, Booms is famous for his letters pieces but this year his characters have been amazing and I just adore this one.



Earth/mune and Dyson joint favourites because when I first got into this I wasn’t really into letters pieces, because of writers like these, I’m getting into it a lot more. Although my reading skills still need to improve a bit ( a lot!)


No favourites list of mine would be complete without Phlegm and I chose this as my favourite because when most  people would be suffering from jetlag, after a long haul flight from Sri Lanka, he was out painting boards.

So that’s it 2012 over, New Year just beginning, really looking forward to what lies ahead, whatever it may be. I’m so lucky to live in a city with such a thriving scene, 2013, bring it on! Continue reading

2012 Personal Favourites From Around The Country

As it is that time of year, just thought I’d do a quick overview of my year in graffiti. It’s made me realise how lucky I’ve been.


Leeds, no idea of the artist, went to see some pieces by Replete, which were awesome by the way, but this was an unexpected treat.


Sand Sea and Spray Blackpool. To try and choose just one from this was horrendous, but it was the first time I saw a piece by The London Police in the flesh and I was well giddy.


New Urban Era, Aerosol Planet Jam at Tamworth, again the quality of work was mind boggling and ridiculously hard to pick one, but I chose this by Bonzai, because it’s so complex it hurt my head.



Notts Property in Nottingham,  fantastic day out, met some really nice people, saw this jaw dropping piece from Mono.



Ashes2Dust Leamington Spa, a really good day spent with good people. I chose this piece by Crom, possibly the coolest dude I’ve ever met.



Like a trip to Manchester every now and then, nice to see some work by Alice Pasquini.



The Black Duke Project ‘The Boat That Shocks, Eduk The Diver’ by the Cream Soda Crew, an awesome piece on an awesome boat, that still has lot of space to paint on it!


At the old brickworks this piece by Toupe, chosen because it’s just a little bit mad.

In spite of everything, have to admit, I got about a bit. Hope I’m lucky enough to see even more in 2013.

Speeding up a Gear


Good to see new pieces by CoLor and Skint. Getting back to a semblance of normality was great and I really appreciated that the local lads had kept been busy creating things for me to go and look at, not that they had done it for me really, but all the same…


Although to be fair, I was still on catch up too, like this CoLor x Narke x Mila piece, which I had known of for a while but not been able to access.


Rocket01 and Boms wall, fantastic!


Seasonal piece by Riseone, whom I believe I met although he was adamant he wasn’t him…


Atik, relocated from Brighton and a top bloke, had seen some of his work before and not known who it was.


Not sure of the names, but I believe these guys are from the north east, they certainly get about a bit.



Espre, love this piece, he doesn’t paint as often as I’d like.



This was done a couple of years ago by Ziru a french artist, I’ve only just seen it and I really like it.

So, I’m trying to get straight for the end of the year, so I can start 2013 blogging in real time instead of retrospective, so I apologise that I may have omitted some valuable works, it won’t happen again, honest.



Brickworks/ Graffiti Works


One of my favourite parts of my graffiti obsession is the sheer buzz that I get from it, the thrill of discovery, it’s new to me even if half the world has already seen it. To find just one piece can get me giddy, this place however, blew my mind. I have never seen so much graffiti in one place, it was everywhere. Some was definitely old, some definitely not, every style imaginable, I was like a kid in a sweet shop.


Imer, Leeds based I think, was one of the few artists I recognised.


This vast derelict brickworks was in places a little bit unsafe, please note the floor, or should I say lack of!


Walls were painted everywhere I turned.


This piece looked familiar.


42…..that rings a bell too.


I repeat, graffiti was everywhere.


Graffiti overload, is that possible? Well to be fair, I came close, it made me dizzy.


Toupe, from the North east? Lord of the Rings, love it.


Eject EP, awesome.


Part of an Eject piece I would have loved to have seen intact.


One of the last photos of the day, by Debris.

I was exhausted and we still had a taxi and 2 trains to get before we were home. The charging about and clambering up and downstairs were going to take their toll as well.

Well worth it though.

Have Crutches Will Travel


So the pot is off and I have a sexy(not) boot and crutches, I’m mobile again, well kind of. I managed to cover terrain definitely not meant for crutches to see this Mila K piece though.


Watched a mate from Manchester put this up, which was awesome.



And discovered Jo Peel, whose work is not really represented in a single photo, the video below shows it much better.   

Amazing stuff!


I finally tracked this Phlegm piece down that had evaded me for so long, thanks to a little help from a friend.


Trik9 and Bousche did this wall  at the Archipelago Works for an exhibition organised by Knife and Folk.



Likewise, were these lovely characters by XHASTEXO.




I was very happy to find a roof top vantage point to capture one of Boms signature pieces.

Being mobile feels good, hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

Common Sense at Last


Gzos, with a little help from Jaer completed their last big production of the year which due to the cold snap felt more like a chore than a labour of love, but for the viewer at least, it was definitely worth it.  Around this time a forward thinking foreman was approached by Gzos regarding boards around the building site on Shoreham Street and local artists and writers were invited to paint the hoardings.


Following Gzos lead, Boms was quick to make a contribution.


Rocket01 was soon spotted working on another of his unusual characters.


Fauna Graphic did these beautiful gannets.


A newcomer to the Sheffield scene Bousche, certainly caught peoples attention with this exceptional character.


Trik9 painted this and I thought it was  awesome but sadly someone took offence to it and it had to be painted over.

But in spite of  that little hiccup I think it’s great that finally somebody realised that street art is a thing of beauty and worth encouraging in our city. I hope that more companies follow suit.

Sharrow Festival 2012

DSCF0883Due to the glorious english summer weather, the Sharrow Festival had to be rearranged for October. Unfortunately this meant that a number of the artists were unable to reschedule, but there was still a good turnout. Meth had got done early.DSCF0915

Kode and Lone were on it.



Trik 9 did a spot of painting between rounds of breakdancing.



Such, co-ordinator of the graff jam, doing his thing.



Old school legend Ask painted for the first time in what was apparently a long time, a really impressive piece too.


Si2, Hull Graffiti made it over to do one of his fantastic works.


Duse was on it, and hopefully would finish before it got dark!


Canz did one of his best pieces to date.

As I was still in the wheelchair, we didn’t stay too late as it soon turns cold when you’re just sat. I was glad I went though and hopefully the jam will be back in more seasonable weather next summer.

Disabled Access Only


When you’re used to walking everywhere and all the time, to be told you’re out of action is frustrating. To be told to put my feet up for 6 weeks was just beyond my comprehension. Ended up hiring a wheelchair and bugging the living daylights out of my family to take me out. After all I’d got to see Boms new style of character, this handsome hippo.

DSCF0783It was great to get out even briefly. Rocket01 had done the excellent piece above.

DSCF0802I had seen the piece by Trik9 in production before I broke my leg, it was awesome to sit in front of the finished piece which I think is the best he’s ever done.


I had needed to see CoLor Arts’squirrel ‘Phattening up for Winter’ and despite having to hop down the steps to get into the ballcourt, it was worth it.

DSCF0745Rast, Dmek(?)Dyson – Keeping cool and breaking rules…

DSCF0799And obviously I wouldn’t have missed Gzos in his hat for the world!