The Jam that wasn’t a Jam

As part of the Sharrow Festival held each year in Mount Pleasant Park there is a graffiti jam in the ballcourts. This year sadly, due to the inclement weather we’d been having, the event was cancelled.   However, on the actual day the weather was not bad at all and a number of the local artists turned up anyway.

DSCF7355The turnout was quite impressive, local legend Dyel was painting.

DSCF7343Lone was painting along with Kode.

DSCF7345Drot/Bob was one of the first to complete his piece.

DSCF7398ACAB had a change of writing style, that I think worked really well.

DSCF7356Skint was on it and CoLor Art dropped a couple of 3d characters as well.


It was a good day and all the better for being so spontaneous, people just came and did their thing and the atmosphere was great.

The festival proper was rearranged for October.


Crack and Crackers

Keeping one eye firmly on the floor I revisit my favourite crack den Boms, Narke, CoLor and Ema had all braved it too.

Mr Wolf and Acab.

Initially I thought this was Bubba, but soon found out it was JS , a Manchester based artist.

Woolly Mammoth by Kid Acne, not necessarily anatomically correct, perhaps.

Mila K, found his way to the cracker factory and painted one of his wonderful characters, dark and surreal, fantastic!

Some purists don’t like paste ups, I do, this little chap is by Tekonta Secta and I think he’s ace, and various different creatures of his/hers are appearing all over.

Kaper, not a name I know, but it’s definitely an eyecatching piece.

The Penrose Triangle, a shape that is impossible, by Phlegm.

Again there is so much more I could show, I love the amount of graffiti going on in Sheffield!

Parallel Lines

Even though this place scares me to death, it’s one of my favourite spots, it has a real vibe to it. It reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of graffiti in New York, years of piece on top of piece, tags on top of tags, all colours all styles.

This piece by Meth, typically bright as always.

Long Live the Explorer by Clem Alice. I think this is an early piece of his. Much of Clem Alice stuff was a little bit different and very interesting, he’s not active at the moment, but I do hope he’s back on it soon.

Booms, the more I look, the more I realise, this guy owns Sheffield, he is prolific, and pretty awesome.

Boms Fase, Riseone and more probably, a real mix, vivid and eyecatching, love it!

Wolf I believe, is a real contender for Boms’  crown of busiest quality graffiti artist in town, but he’s a long way to go yet.

This character from a piece by ACAB was still visible although the rest had been painted over. Well everyone likes a piggy don’t they?

Sharp Central

This building has changed so much over the time I’ve been coming here, from the artwork on the walls to the fabric of the building itself, which is slowly but surely disintegrating. Certain parts are really quite dangerous and that coupled with the need to be vary aware of potential hazards underfoot, should make this a place to be avoided at all costs, and yet for some reason, for artists, photographers, urbexers and unfortunately drug users alike, it’s one of the most popular spots in the city and a personal favourite.

Of course the fact that Phlegm seems to have some sort of attachment to this place helps a lot.

Members of Nu were regular visitors too.

Clem Alice, she says with knowledge that wasn’t there when she took the picture, produced quite a few unusual pieces around spots in Sheffield, this was one of the first I saw.

If you have read my earliest blog post you’ll know this the first piece I posted a picture of,  sadly this was the last picture I took of it, before it was painted over. There has been some good stuff painted there since, but this was special.

I remember the whole ACAB thing when I was a kid, when we were some foolish enough to think that policemen didn’t know what it meant. It amused me to see it was still on the go and I love the pig.

I wouldn’t recommend climbing these stairs, there isn’t anything on the other side of the door anyway, as in no floor, just a long drop.

This is the last piece Phlegm has done here, so far…..

But I’ll keep checking,  just in case.

Wrong Side of the Tracks


Derelict buildings with rotting floors and collapsing roofs are one thing to get the adrenaline pumping but railway lines, that’s a whole new world of terror and certain death as far as I’m concerned. Although apparently, the image above turns most grown men into school boys all over again. The first time we went to this location I had a picture in my head of a newspaper headline ‘Couple killed by Intercity 125 in search of Graffiti’, imagine my relief when we got to the track to find this lovely little engine parked and a closed gate across the track.  Please be aware this is the only place I know of like this.


I have a very healthy fear of the tracks and that artists are able to go and paint in places like this amazes me. And there is some really good stuff there too.


Riseone does this little alien (?) character whom I love dearly and as such was one of the first artists whose work I could recognise.


I don’t know how that ended up there, he gets about that Phlegm doesn’t he?


Rast, he does some really colourful pieces, I particularly like this one.


Happy Halloween from Real Hate Crew! I think it’s great how many artists do seasonal pieces and productions and halloween is my favourite!


Trespassing on a railway is strictly illegal, punishable with a hefty fine or worse and having a graffiti obsession is not an acceptable defence.

Another Court Round-up

Before my OCD kicked in properly I just used to pop to the skatepark and the ballcourts every now and then. It only occurred to me gradually that I was missing so much, and I couldn’t  have that! At this point though, I was still pretty oblivious..

The spiky chap above is by CoLor Art, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I was also unaware that there was a graffiti jam once a year at Mount Pleasant Park and by chance ended up there not long after one, there was some amazing stuff. I’m guessing, looking at them now, that the ones I don’t recognise are not Sheffield artists, but I could be wrong.

Like this piece above, I would love to know who did this.

This piece is  byBooms, I know that now, I really should have known it then.

Rast, Skint and ACAB, part of the Real Hate Crew, the bikes aren’t theirs by the way!

I spent a long time believing this was Kid Acne, only to be told, eventually, it was french (parisian even) female artist EMA.

This ballcourt  was not as popular as Mount Pleasant, although it is much more popular now as the street art community has grown in number, confidence and popularity.

This isn’t  a court shot it was in the town centre. Some purists don’t like stuff like this, but I love it. That someone had taken time to make this and  then gone and stuck it on a door in town for surely no other reason than to make people smile, I think that’s ace. I love the huge detailed fantastic pieces that symbolise what street art is all about, but there is always room for the simple things, isn’t there?