The Boat That Shocks


In November I visited my brother and his wife in Chester. I was telling them about this boat I’d heard about that had some amazing graffiti on it. Turns out it wasn’t that far away, so off we went.

‘The Duke of Lancaster, a decommissioned cruise liner took up residence on the North Wales coastline in 1979, when the owners docked it there with plans to transform it into The Funship. The owners have faced an on-going, well publicised battle with the Council, who have consistently objected to every plan laid out by the owners.’

Latvian street artist Kiwie was the first artist to paint the The Duke of Lancaster with two pirate characters on the bows. All the pieces have a loose theme of corruption chosen by anarchist group Dudug who are coordinating the  project with the permission of the owners.


Local, (Colwyn Bay) graff  artists Cream Soda Crew were the second  to paint on the ship with Eduk the Diver by Dime One  and a collaborative effort with Japh Kash and Warpig  on the ‘Boat that Shocks’ lettering.


Next was Bristol based artist Bungle with this monster piece titled ‘Face of Authority’.


French artist Goin came next with this thought provoking representation of see no evil etc. entitled ‘Council of Monkeys’. This is a fantastic piece and is huge!


Mr Zero and Fatheat from Hungary created two surreal character pieces, ‘The Prophets of Profit’. Mr Zeros’ piece is above and Fatheat below.



There is one other piece on the Black Duke, which I initially couldn’t find. Just as I had just about convinced myself that I had gone mad, I realised it was almost hidden.



My photos sadly don’t do this awesome piece by Fin Dac justice at all. The piece is on the stern of the boat and is only clearly visible if you have access to the dock. There were ways, but I still was on crutches at the time and got some very strange looks from a group of schoolchildren and their teacher at the position I managed to get myself in to take the pictures that I have.

The Black Duke is an ongoing project and I cannot wait to see what and who are on it next. Looks like I’m going to be heading to the welsh coast more often, and I bet I won’t be the only one.

2012 Personal Favourites From Around The Country

As it is that time of year, just thought I’d do a quick overview of my year in graffiti. It’s made me realise how lucky I’ve been.


Leeds, no idea of the artist, went to see some pieces by Replete, which were awesome by the way, but this was an unexpected treat.


Sand Sea and Spray Blackpool. To try and choose just one from this was horrendous, but it was the first time I saw a piece by The London Police in the flesh and I was well giddy.


New Urban Era, Aerosol Planet Jam at Tamworth, again the quality of work was mind boggling and ridiculously hard to pick one, but I chose this by Bonzai, because it’s so complex it hurt my head.



Notts Property in Nottingham,  fantastic day out, met some really nice people, saw this jaw dropping piece from Mono.



Ashes2Dust Leamington Spa, a really good day spent with good people. I chose this piece by Crom, possibly the coolest dude I’ve ever met.



Like a trip to Manchester every now and then, nice to see some work by Alice Pasquini.



The Black Duke Project ‘The Boat That Shocks, Eduk The Diver’ by the Cream Soda Crew, an awesome piece on an awesome boat, that still has lot of space to paint on it!


At the old brickworks this piece by Toupe, chosen because it’s just a little bit mad.

In spite of everything, have to admit, I got about a bit. Hope I’m lucky enough to see even more in 2013.