More Much More

DSCF7666Boms is unstoppable at the moment, constantly pushing the boundaries. Notice the Bine below it as well, looking good.

DSCF7441CoLor, always the innovator created this lovely character, I call him Tanked Up!

DSCF7654He also created this awesome face from 2 foot baths(?) Due to the sunlight  at the time of my visit, I had to make him a visor from poystyrene sheets. I think it worked well.

DSCF7613Nameless Nat as she will be known for the time being, produced her own take on the Disney legend Mickey, her largest piece so far.

DSCF7539I love this Scream piece too, the nameless one definitely has a style of her own.

DSCF7495Emit is moving up a gear, his character pieces are looking really good.

DSCF7533Some is a real wizard with colour, amazing.

DSCF7703Oh and did I mention Mr Angryface has been again, both of him!

Yes we’ve got it all going on at the moment.

It’s becoming a very popular pastime this graffiti hunting lark. Still not sure what I think to wandering around a derelict building and bumping into at least a dozen other people, a sign of the times I suppose.




Keeping up, but only just..

DSCF7240There’s been so much going on in the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to keep up, not that I’m complaining. I love this collaboration with Faunagraphic x CoLor Art x Booms

DSCF7377Not a new piece by Emit but definitely worth a look and there’s not many things I’d go onto a roof to see!

DSCF7180Suek, uses some interesting styles, I particularly like this. I haven’t figured out yet whether he doesn’t paint often or whether I just don’t know his spots.

DSCF7276Bine, a change of style from an up and coming writer, looking good.

DSCF7410Got a chance to visit a paintball establishment where 2 local artists Trik9 and Kisk have done some excellent work. The above piece is by Kisk.

DSCF7414This was one of Trik9s pieces.

DSCF7235A close up of Booms part of the collaboration at the top, a villain from the Batman comic apparently, I don’t know who he is but he’s awesome!

I have quite a backlog of photos to go through, again not complaining, don’t know when me garden’s going to get done though…



Spring is in the Air, Honest!



As the awful winter staggers on relentlessly, it’s so nice to get out between the snow/ rain etc and find a  bit of something to brighten your day. These wonderful characters are by a new artist on the scene and SHE (Yes it’s a girl!) hasn’t got a writers/artists pseudonym yet. I’m loving these little dudes, there’s already 2 more to collect!

DSCF7178Cheeky little character from Skint, a self portrait I wonder?

DSCF7191A rainbow treat for the eyes this Skint and Sour collaboration makes up for the dull grey misery outside.

DSCF6979 DSCF6992 Xhastexo has produced 2 new mini characters for those brave enough to venture into a certain collapsing needle infested wreck of a building.

DSCF7161Eugene Booms continues to reach new heights, finding the spots where no graffiti artist has gone before.

DSCF7133Espre, a very skilled writer and a fantastic piece. I have to admit, with some embarrassment, that when I first became interested in graffiti/ streetart, I wasn’t really keen on letters pieces, I didn’t get it. I’m still pretty rubbish at reading them, but now I have huge respect for the effort and skill that goes into them.

DSCF7184Another artist new to me, BB I think he is called, really liking the style. Looking forward to seeing more of his work.

I know I’ve said it before, but it really is worth repeating, this city is buzzing and I am so privileged to be able to see so much of it first hand, just hope it keeps on keeping on!


Busy Busy Busy


Despite the lousy weather, the graff scene in Sheffield is buzzing and Mr Booms continues to dominate the city, one wall at a time.


TCM turned our in force to redecorate the ballcourts; Daso, Dial, Burn, Kory, Kode, Lone and Jaer smashed this wall.


Mila K and CoLor Art have been busy near the water, the local wildlife don’t seem too impressed, but I love it.


Mila K has been very busy, he even has his own exhibition.


Prone has nearly finished what will be an awesome piece based on Cruella De Ville and the 101 Dalmatians.


Even Mis Red Art and Kaze  ventured out to paint, first time in a while for both I think, but good to see.


Rapidly becoming an art form in it’s own right is bad graffiti removal. The ghost of Bloodax lives on!

It’s shaping up nicely to be quite a year for graffiti/street art in this city. Ooo I’m all of a quiver!

Where the Wild Things Are


What a wonderful start to a day, a sight like this, a fantastic collaboration with Color, Boms and Mila K. Sadly Milas’ character had to keep her clothes on due to being near a childrens play centre, not such a bad idea in this cold weather and I don’t think it detracts from the piece at all.


Bob and Skint, first time working together, will certainly have made one artists day.


A Phlegm x CoLor collaboration roughly 2 years apart. The Phlegm piece had lost its’ hands under another piece so CoLor attached some new ones.


I met Foundry Art in Blackpool last year at the Sand Sea and Spray event where I discovered he was a Sheffield lad who had relocated to Brighton, but was set to make a return to the city. Well it took him a while, but he got here in the end, better late than never I suppose. Foundry had some art work in a small exhibition at KIAC recently, which I unfortunately missed but hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of him now.


10 has hit the ground running this year with the size and style of his pieces, clearly, size matters!



Ryak, raising his profile, always good to see.



Must be something in the water, the theme for 2013 definitely seems to be GO LARGE or go home. Large it is then!

Saturday Night at the Movies Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom and Unit 11 set


On Saturday night I was very privileged to be invited to a cast and crew screening of a new documentary made by talented, local film maker, Theo Cane Garvey, called Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom. Theo has had an interest in graffiti since child hood and decided last year to make this film. It’s a fascinating insight into the history of graffiti in Sheffield and features a number of the key players involved with the birth and growth of the scene, all of whom were in the audience. It was an amazing night, the documentary is most excellent, and for someone like myself who has only been involved with graff for a few years, it was really quite educational. The atmosphere was brilliant, with a real feel that we were all seeing something very special. The film is being put forward for this years Doc/Fest, if you get the chance go see it!


All the writers and artists involved with the film signed a canvas for Theo.( Theo is pictured above right with some of the artists featured.)

Trailer for Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom

Theo Cane Garvey is not new to film making and is currently busy with a new project called ‘Unit 11’  which is a follow up to ‘Plague World’  a violent, survival type horror movie filmed in Sheffield. Here is a quick look at some of the artwork produced to be part of the set.


Popeye by Booms.


Wile e Coyote and Road Runner by Gzos.


Kode and Dial collaboration.

The graffiti scene in Sheffield is buzzing at the moment, it’s a brilliant place to be. I love my city!

Thanks to Crossfit Gym for letting me take the photos.

I’m just a walkin’ in the Sunshine


On a day that it wasn’t raining or snowing (finally!), thought I’d give my ankle a workout. First stop, the Black  Out Krews’ favourite spot. Love this piece by Meth.


Next stop a bit of Bob, I’d spotted. A bit of a Marmite character I think, but I like him and this quick throw up demonstrates his precise lines and his deconstructed style perfectly.


Saw this on the backstreets, don’t know who it is, yet.


Miso? I’m not sure, but I was tickled by the ‘Not Pink its Salmon’. ……… And made it over my first wall with no adverse effects!


Eugene ‘While you were sleeping’ Booms. A nice healthy hill climb to get to this.


I don’t know, I just liked it. Made me feel nostalgic for Andolf who appears to no longer be active, perhaps it’s a relative 😉


Getting to this Gzos was quite a pilgrimage, with one 12 foot, practically vertical, very muddy bank nearly defeating me but filthy and happy, I made it. All in all a very enjoyable trek. I giggled all the way home from the bus stop as my legs had forgotten how to walk they were so tired. Just to plan next weeks route now…

Come Hell or High Water (Weather Permitting)

Despite the awful weather the graffiti/street art scene is ticking over nicely, helping my return to full fitness no end, in between the blizzards, torrential rain, ice and howling gales, that is.

Eugene Booms has been busy, this piece is quite small compared to some he’s done lately.


Kid Acne has been out and about with a new batch of stabby women, which I adore, don’t know if I’ve found them all yet.


Been aware of this artist for a while, really pleased to finally find a piece of his work on the street, Xhastexo.

DSCF5511 (2)


Not a new piece, but well worth a revisit. Rowdy x Mighty Mo x Gold Peg x Sweet Toof BC, these are not local and I would love to know how this came to be painted.

DSCF5561 (2)


Color Art called this piece Cabin Fever Reliever, I can relate to that.


This wall was painted by Kid Acne as a tribute to the much loved Okie Dulo who died suddenly earlier this month.


Not often you have to look skywards to find graffiti in the city but this is quite eyecatching.



So lets have some better weather please, so the wonderful writers and painters of Sheffield can get back out there and keep happy eccentrics like me busy!

Keeping on it!


Got here just in time to see Mila putting her face on.


Another new Stabby Woman from Kid Acne, thanks to a friend for pointing this one out to me.


The unstoppable CoLor Art, started the new year pretty much the same as he finished the last one….painting, painting, painting!


Not a particularly new Boms piece, just a little bit off my normal route, so it took me a while to get there.


Dese, ‘Grounds 4 Divorce’, I’m sure there’s a story there, but I don’t know what it is.


Drot, up there with Boms and CoLor Art for being busy, busy, busy.

Good to see that people are keeping on it, keeps me out of trouble!

Out and About (or Walking back from Physio!)


Though not the busiest time of year but some writers/artists are still compelled to go out and paint, I literally fell off the bus when I saw this Boms piece! I also got the weirdest feeling of deja vu and I don’t know why.


Skint Riseone and others painted at the ballcourts.


Drot/Bob and Kid Acne  had been there as well.


Trik9 and Meth had done a wall, I’m really loving Meths stuff at the moment.


I’m not a mad keen Kid Acne fan, but I do love the Stabby Women and there has definitely been a new batch, don’t know when they went up, but it’s nice to see them again.


I love Barbara the Horse!


I don’t pretend to know what this is about but it made me chuckle.

Even in the depths of winter the streets just keep on giving, just wish it was a bit warmer – and sunny – and not icy…