Amsterdam for Graffiti Lovers


So, we land in Amsterdam in snow and ice, not ideal, when you’re on crutches, but at least the hotel was near the station………….. Nearly 3 hours later, after 3 boat trips and staggering around the centre, we realised our hotel had moved, well it was a boat.

Most people would probably be unimpressed to find that their hotel had moved to the north end of the harbor, a 10 minute ferry ride, and is moored at the side of a derelict submarine in a rather run down area with abandoned looking buildings covered in graffiti.

Lucky we’re not most people then.


The snow had gone by the next day, replaced by heavy rain and strong winds, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm until the rain became horizontal and my camera went on strike.



To say I loved this place was an understatement.


And then there was Spuistraat,



Zaira, not a name I’d heard of before, but one I will be looking out for now.


Bustart, I had heard of before we came, he has quite a presence in Amsterdam.


If we hadn’t had the docks and Spuistraat, our graffiti tour could have been a bit of a let down. This was because Flevopark, world famous graffiti spot, has had a bit of a makeover, structural renovations have meant that, for our visit at least, the volume of graff  was nowhere near what we had expected.  But what there was, was pretty good.




I love Amsterdam, this was my 4th visit, but my first for 7 years, the first pictures of graff I took were then. I believe the scene has exploded since that time, previously, I stumbled upon it, it’s pretty much inescapable now.

And I’m pleased to report that Flevopark since my return home is filling up nicely 🙂


I’d just like to say, if anyone is familiar with the very posh NH Grand Krasnapolsky in Dam Square and heard about it being taken over by Santa and his elves briefly during one night in December……………….it was nothing to do with me 😉