2012 Personal Favourites From Around The Country

As it is that time of year, just thought I’d do a quick overview of my year in graffiti. It’s made me realise how lucky I’ve been.


Leeds, no idea of the artist, went to see some pieces by Replete, which were awesome by the way, but this was an unexpected treat.


Sand Sea and Spray Blackpool. To try and choose just one from this was horrendous, but it was the first time I saw a piece by The London Police in the flesh and I was well giddy.


New Urban Era, Aerosol Planet Jam at Tamworth, again the quality of work was mind boggling and ridiculously hard to pick one, but I chose this by Bonzai, because it’s so complex it hurt my head.



Notts Property in Nottingham,  fantastic day out, met some really nice people, saw this jaw dropping piece from Mono.



Ashes2Dust Leamington Spa, a really good day spent with good people. I chose this piece by Crom, possibly the coolest dude I’ve ever met.



Like a trip to Manchester every now and then, nice to see some work by Alice Pasquini.



The Black Duke Project ‘The Boat That Shocks, Eduk The Diver’ by the Cream Soda Crew, an awesome piece on an awesome boat, that still has lot of space to paint on it!


At the old brickworks this piece by Toupe, chosen because it’s just a little bit mad.

In spite of everything, have to admit, I got about a bit. Hope I’m lucky enough to see even more in 2013.


DSCF0028As part of Notts Property, I tagged along with CoLor Art and Mila K to Nottingham for a jam at Russells Youth Club. This was Milas piece Wishmaster.

DSCF9706This awesome piece by Mono was part of a large wall near the train station.

DSCF9980There was a really good turnout of artists for this event, with over 20 artists taking part. All the walls had a pink background, to tie all the pieces together, I thought that was a nice touch.

DSCF9976The standard was amazing too.

DSCF0008It was good that there was a real mix of styles with old school and new working side by side.

DSCF0019Kem Mef, brilliant as standard.

It was a really good day, with a great atmosphere and I met some cool people, another one to mark on the calendar for next year!


Robin Hood Country


Funny that when you start looking, urban art is everywhere, I wonder sometimes if I spent years walking around with blinkers on?

Notttingham has quite a graffiti scene with a few legal walls and a famous ballcourt at Russells Youth Club.


Above and below are walls near the train station, the camera I had at the time was totally incapable of capturing the wall in one shot, not that my camera was bad but it’s a long wall.



These 2 pieces were in the car park of The Horn in Hand pub. I don’t know who the artist is for the piece above but the one below is by Sune, whom I met this year in Blackpool.



I’d done my research before we went to Nottingham, I found the walls near the station and the pub quite easily, but my map reading skills are not what they could be and we ended up literally miles out of the way in our search for Russells. Luckily we found a helpful, graffiti loving librarian who got us back on track. As we approached I was really quite excited, I’d seen photos, watched videos  on You Tube, this was a big moment…….. however, what my research hadn’t told me, was that the building was occupied, one part is a recording studio with a lovely guy, called Neville, I think. The other side is an educational site for youngsters with difficulties. The courts at the back are strictly off limits while classes are on, we could come back later, but we had a train to catch, so I was reduced to taking pictures over a rather high fence.


Some fantastic artwork though, note to self, next time, do better research.