A Dismal Day In Weston Super Mare

DSCF0986Finally managed to get tickets for the penultimate day of the Dismaland Bemusement Park, after weeks of trying, and making sure I saw as little as possible about it, because I wanted to go with as few preconceptions as possible. The weather was glorious, the size of the queue was staggering, but we were there. DSCF0997 I loved it from the moment I was through the door, the security guard checking my ticket and confirming my similarity to the non existent photo on my ticket had me creased.  Screening equipment and guns created by Bill Barminski.DSCF1007The staff were such a vital part of the experience. DSCF1024The detail that went into this was amazing I uploaded one of the shots to facebook and it’s facial recognition software wanted me to tag all of them. The fact that the controls randomly change from the refugee vessel to western naval vessel, sending a clear message. DSCF1028Must have seen hundreds of pics of this before I went, but it is good. DSCF1030Can’t remember what this installation was called, but I’ve seen this sight far too often…DSCF1056Hook a Duck…from an oil slick…win a fish finger in a bag.  DSCF1062Dorcas Casey , brilliant sculptures created from fabric, somehow. DSCF1084Polly Morgans take on the rabbit that turned. DSCF1087Erm well, if you know,you know…   DSCF1088Ronit Baranga, ceramicist, I adore these, anybody want to buy me some for Christmas?  DSCF1093Mike Ross, created the awesome Big Jig Rig, apparently the park had to close early one day because of high winds, don’t think I’d like to see this shaking in the breeze. DSCF1123James Joyce revolving smiley face “Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time”. DSCF1140Tattooed baby in a vending machine by Dietrich Wegner. DSCF1154Banksys’ vision of the Grim Reaper and what he does in his spare time, rides around in a dodgem while listening to the Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive… who knew?DSCF1164‘Mental Escapology’ by Damien Hirst.

DSCF1169Jeff Gillette, stunning stuff.DSCF1172 DSCF1176Brock Davis, making wonderful use of everyday objects. DSCF1190 DSCF1196Kate MacDowell producer of exquisite figures in porcelain.  DSCF1200 DSCF1205Portrait by Laura Lancaster, who started painting her own family photos because she never knew who was who as she has a twin sister.  DSCF1206Lithuanian artist, Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene, recreates traditional patterns and floral embroidery designs on things like cars. DSCF1212Jessica Harrison,creates beautiful tattooed ladies. DSCF1219Maskull Laserres striking study of the anatomy of a carousel horse.DSCF1222Compelling portrait by Shadi Al Zaqzouq, Palestinian artist. DSCF1225Ben Long ‘Cornice Ice Cream’ DSCF1227 DSCF1228Neta Harari Navaon, surreal photorealistic paintings, breathtaking.  DSCF1231Banksy, doesnt have any issue with Disney, must just be mice then… DSCF1257The Aftermath Displacement Principle by Jimmy Cauty, the most fantastic and annoying thing at once. My only irritation of the day was that we were rushed around this and not able to have a proper look, the security fence didn’t help. Sadly the fence wasn’t there at the beginning of the exhibition, but was put in place due to over enthusiastic trophy hunters stealing the figures. DSCF1263 DSCF1273 DSCF1307     DSCF1314     DSCF1317The gloriously dark Dismaland castle was created by Block 9 (of Glastonbury fame),and is currently en route to the migrant camp in Calais.DSCF1319Dismal bossy britches. DSCF1322 DSCF1337Death of a princess, clever and yet disturbing. DSCF1373Huda Beydouns portraits of girls and women in Saudi Arabia wearing Burqas, the mouse heads are used to conceal the womens true identity to protect them from deportation. DSCF1381 DSCF1386This young lady was an absolute star on the Crazy Gulf, a proper jobsworth, I could have watched her all day!DSCF1388Supersize sand castle. DSCF1392Pocket Money Loans by Darren Cullen, easy cash for kids!DSCF1399Paul Insect and Bast, dancing dude. DSCF1400Donald Duck has fallen on hard times. DSCF1423 DSCF1426Seagull pizza thieves. DSCF1417 Stitch DSCF1428 And then it was over, yes there were a couple of things we didn’t get to see because of the lengthy queues, but we’d gotten around most of it. And I’m sorry, but I thought it was fantastic, I’m only dismal because it’s gone now…

Mums the Word!

DSCF6802I guess that there aren’t too many mums who would request a tour of derelict sites as a mothers day present, but I couldn’t think of anything better. Mars has been very busy and I wanted to try and catch up with his work. I think this skull is my favourite.


DSCF6795ButI do love Marvin the Martian too.

DSCF6814And this collaboration with Evo looks quite impressive as well.

DSCF6838I’m guessing at Suek, but it is a guess, it’s certainly not new, but I hadn’t seen it before.

DSCF6842 Last stop on my trip required a bit of climbing and avoiding broken glass and the local constabulary, as you do. Well worth it though to see another of Color Arts creations.

DSCF6856Skint too had been here, always good to see and a great way to end my day.

DSCF6876It’s a sign of something, although I’m not sure what when somebody dumps a caravan in the middle of town. But, one mans rubbish is another mans blank canvas, or so they say.


Snow Beautiful Snow


I do like a bit of snow, although I’m heartily sick of it at the moment, but I think it makes this piece by Mila K look fantastic.


And the bad weather isn’t holding Mr Boms back at all. Hooray to that.


The Stabby Women by Kid Acne are suffering due to the damp conditions, good to see this one still intact.


Rain shine or snow, that is a splendid sight!


Never seem to manage to be the first anymore, the footprints of a graff hunter perhaps?  I do like this little ensemble,Phlegm, Mila and CoLor.


It looks like this character by Xhastexo is trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue (after consuming copious quantities of Red Stripe, apparently).

So I had a nice little walk and sorted my christmas cards for next year, can we have some better weather now please?

Amsterdam for Graffiti Lovers


So, we land in Amsterdam in snow and ice, not ideal, when you’re on crutches, but at least the hotel was near the station………….. Nearly 3 hours later, after 3 boat trips and staggering around the centre, we realised our hotel had moved, well it was a boat.

Most people would probably be unimpressed to find that their hotel had moved to the north end of the harbor, a 10 minute ferry ride, and is moored at the side of a derelict submarine in a rather run down area with abandoned looking buildings covered in graffiti.

Lucky we’re not most people then.


The snow had gone by the next day, replaced by heavy rain and strong winds, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm until the rain became horizontal and my camera went on strike.



To say I loved this place was an understatement.


And then there was Spuistraat,



Zaira, not a name I’d heard of before, but one I will be looking out for now.


Bustart, I had heard of before we came, he has quite a presence in Amsterdam.


If we hadn’t had the docks and Spuistraat, our graffiti tour could have been a bit of a let down. This was because Flevopark, world famous graffiti spot, has had a bit of a makeover, structural renovations have meant that, for our visit at least, the volume of graff  was nowhere near what we had expected.  But what there was, was pretty good.




I love Amsterdam, this was my 4th visit, but my first for 7 years, the first pictures of graff I took were then. I believe the scene has exploded since that time, previously, I stumbled upon it, it’s pretty much inescapable now.

And I’m pleased to report that Flevopark since my return home is filling up nicely 🙂


I’d just like to say, if anyone is familiar with the very posh NH Grand Krasnapolsky in Dam Square and heard about it being taken over by Santa and his elves briefly during one night in December……………….it was nothing to do with me 😉

Amsterdam Sticker Edition


We went to Amsterdam for a friends birthday. I love Amsterdam, the first pictures I took of graff were in Amsterdam in 2005. It’s fair to say it’s changed a bit since then.

I have done a sticker edition and will do a writing/painting post next, just because there is so much.



These were all over with various comments on them, sadly again, I don’t know who does them.


I know some people don’t like stickers, but I do, the sheer variation and quality is amazing.



I wish I knew who they were by, more research needed me thinks.


One of (many) favourites.


Sweet. Everybody loves bunnies, don’t they?


An egg by CoLor art and a Kisk sticker, no idea how they got there 😉


Speeding up a Gear


Good to see new pieces by CoLor and Skint. Getting back to a semblance of normality was great and I really appreciated that the local lads had kept been busy creating things for me to go and look at, not that they had done it for me really, but all the same…


Although to be fair, I was still on catch up too, like this CoLor x Narke x Mila piece, which I had known of for a while but not been able to access.


Rocket01 and Boms wall, fantastic!


Seasonal piece by Riseone, whom I believe I met although he was adamant he wasn’t him…


Atik, relocated from Brighton and a top bloke, had seen some of his work before and not known who it was.


Not sure of the names, but I believe these guys are from the north east, they certainly get about a bit.



Espre, love this piece, he doesn’t paint as often as I’d like.



This was done a couple of years ago by Ziru a french artist, I’ve only just seen it and I really like it.

So, I’m trying to get straight for the end of the year, so I can start 2013 blogging in real time instead of retrospective, so I apologise that I may have omitted some valuable works, it won’t happen again, honest.



Disabled Access Only


When you’re used to walking everywhere and all the time, to be told you’re out of action is frustrating. To be told to put my feet up for 6 weeks was just beyond my comprehension. Ended up hiring a wheelchair and bugging the living daylights out of my family to take me out. After all I’d got to see Boms new style of character, this handsome hippo.

DSCF0783It was great to get out even briefly. Rocket01 had done the excellent piece above.

DSCF0802I had seen the piece by Trik9 in production before I broke my leg, it was awesome to sit in front of the finished piece which I think is the best he’s ever done.


I had needed to see CoLor Arts’squirrel ‘Phattening up for Winter’ and despite having to hop down the steps to get into the ballcourt, it was worth it.

DSCF0745Rast, Dmek(?)Dyson – Keeping cool and breaking rules…

DSCF0799And obviously I wouldn’t have missed Gzos in his hat for the world!


Can’t keep up!

DSCF0623To say that as summers go, this one has been rubbish, it’s amazing how busy the scene as been, the boards above were done by visitors, some from Newcastle.

DSCF8906This was where the geordies should have been painting, but there was a technical hitch and they had to change location.

DSCF9379CoLor Art had been prolific as always, this piece done with Mila K….

DSCF9637…and this piece with Duse WSK.

DSCF9686Kase and Prone, both of whom had had a break from graffiti were back on it in style.

DSCF8882And then there was this, curious, not really sure what to make of it, interesting though.

I’ve missed loads out there’s so much going on, how I love my city and all the talented people in it!

Summer in the City

DSCF7417During the summer months it can  be hard to keep up with what’s going on, but this little spot used by the Angry Perverts doesn’t change too often.

DSCF8735I liked this, a bit different for Bob.

DSCF8679Bluey Blue Blue by Trik9, love this!

DSCF7003CoLor and Mila K, fantastic as always, not entirely sure what’s going on there, but it’s still fantastic.

DSCF6095Phlegm had been busy on the waterways and while half the nation was watching England playing in the world cup, I was busy finding where they were.

DSCF7739I found this one as well and it’s such a buzz when you’ve been looking for ages and finally get lucky!

Leeds Awayday

Somebody told me that they didn’t have any graffiti in Leeds, well I saw that as a challenge, so off we went to see what we could find. To be honest, it wasn’t the best day for it, it was chucking it down and I hadn’t really got very far with researching locations. The Kosy Crackhead was one of the first things we spotted.

At least got a nice reflection shot due to the soggy conditions and it looks like graffiti to me.

At the point we found this we were well and truly lost. It’s a lovely piece, I really like it.

This artist was one of the reasons we had gone to Leeds in the first place. Replete is hugely talented and paints these 3d creations which are mind bending.

This was another one of Repletes’. Both pieces are in a seriously nasty building with all manner of drug paraphernalia around, reminds me a bit of Sheffields crack den, although this place is much bigger. There was other graffiti in there too.

I love this, it’s got a touch of the Conor Harringtons about it to me and it was a really exciting find.

Well despite being half drowned we had quite a good day in Leeds and we definitely found some graffiti. It was worth the trip and we’ll certainly be back, but might do a bit better research next time.