It’s All Going on!

DSCF5120Mars has been revisiting his childhood again, Orville, he’s his very best friend! ¬†ūüėČ

DSCF5118¬†Time? I’m really bad at reading letter pieces, but I do like it.DSCF5113This is something different, I’m guessing not anyone local, love the style.

DSCF5106I worry when Booms goes quiet, but when he then reappears with an epic masterpiece like this, I’m reassured that balance is restored.

DSCF5092How many hamsters can you fit in a phone box, answers on a postcard please to D7606.

DSCF5091Had to revisit this place because my first shots of this awesome Rateone piece were rubbish, think I’ve done it justice now.

DSCF5086Sour, making good use of any space.DSCF5083Tekonta Secta and CoLor, just wonderful.DSCF5072C3 x D7606, becoming regular visitors lately, the more the merrier!DSCF5075Mr Booms and CoLor, a lesson in painting on stairs and the decay of a dead pigeon.

DSCF5047A Coloquix lady being lusted over by a Rateone monster while a jealous Greenz rabbit looks on furiously, it’s like an episode of Eastenders…DSCF5061Not just a Mars favourite, one of mine too, Pinky and the Brain.DSCF5032Jaer, ¬†love the piece but have to say I don’t know who the little fellow is.

DSCF5039One of Kid Acnes’ stabby women, not sure if it’s been doctored but she looks like she’s holding a vibrator to me, or perhaps she’s a ladyboy?DSCF5042Not sure who did this but I have my suspicions.DSCF5043Bob, he’s a devil!DSCF5046Dyson and Rambo, throw up masters at the moment.

On a bit of a catch up spree at the moment, hopefully will get another post up in the next day or two.

Graffiti Central

DSCF4977I am often amazed at the detail and skill that can go into graffiti, whether it be letters or characters, but sometimes it’s the simple things, that work best. I love this cheeky Bob piece, so simple, a quick throw up, but brilliant. I could watch him glaring at passers by all day.

DSCF4969 StitchJaer had some friends over to brighten these boards in the city centre.

DSCF4957 Stitch¬†Mila’s been seeing double, with these gloriously sinister twins and Cantastics’ skills continue to go from strength to strength,

DSCF4951 Rayna has done a few of these around town, this is the best in my opinion.

DSCF4947¬†It’s a bear with a monobrow, what more can I say….Although I did manage, accidentally, to crash some band making a video at this location today, which made me laugh…

DSCF4944 Awesome character by Imer, letters by Jonas and then a quality Dyson piece as standard.

DSCF4938¬†Rambo, First Blood, I’m sure John J would be pleased.

DSCF4927C3, Rate One and D7606, interesting combination, like it a lot.

Some lovely things going on in town at the moment, good to see so many arty visitors making the trip too. I do hope the ‘in house’ shenanigans don’t spoil it.

Rollin’ Under The Melody

DSCF3138 StitchWhat I love about my passion for graffiti is that moment when you see a wall you hadn’t expected to see, the buzz is awesome, and this was a jawdropper! Eug x Tekonta Secta x Phes x CoLor Art, wonderful!

DSCF3394Well! You don’t see that everyday!

DSCF3132I think this is Bobs’ handiwork, I really like it, but I doubt it’s still there, there were adhesive marks at the side of this, so something had already been removed.

DSCF3028The Grim Reaper by Mars? A guess on both counts. I like how he’s guarding the doorway.

DSCF3178¬†Have to say that Kid Acnes’Art Fags are not generally my favourites but I love this tune!

DSCF3435Painted as a tribute to a friend who has joined the RAF, Pawski and Mace have smashed it again. This is truly amazing close up and personal, so real that the gun follows you……………it honestly does! Another total jawdropper.

DSCF3105Bubba 2000 has decided to call it a day as far as the graff/art scene goes at the moment. I’m sure I read somewhere that he thinks it’s time to grow up. I’m sure he’ll get over it though, I stopped being a grown up a long time ago.

DSCF3103Last but not least, Pleb Alert! Because we all need to be alert to Plebs…don’t we?

Trying to catch up…

DSCF7937Mr Marz has done some wonderful pieces his characters are amazing, but I think this is my most favourite…

DSCF7950Although I quite like these two too!

DSCF8342Phlegm finished this wonderful piece at the Millennium Galleries.

DSCF8388This fossil fish appeared quite soon after.

DSCF8308Bob has done a piece with a shout to Clem Alice which is good to see.

DSCF8321Spotted a nice little collaboration between CoLor Art and Xhastexo.

DSCF8365Narke x Alude x Atik colourful wall at Devonshire Green.

DSCF8373Teas x Gzos x Kode x Rack x SEN, part of the magnificent collection at the citys’ newest hotspot.

DSCF8380Ryaks cracking contribution at the bottom end of the spot.

DSCF8362And lastly, not graffiti in the strictest sense but a lovely sight to behold nonetheless, The Snog by artist, singer and local hero Pete Mckee.

I’ve seen a real change in the city over the last few months a lot more people seem to be becoming aware of and appreciating the vibrant streets around them. All good ūüôā

Where the Wild Things Are


What a wonderful start to a day, a sight like this, a fantastic collaboration with Color, Boms and Mila K. Sadly Milas’ character had to keep her clothes on due to being near a childrens play centre, not such a bad idea in this cold weather and I don’t think it detracts from the piece at all.


Bob and Skint, first time working together, will certainly have made one artists day.


A Phlegm x CoLor collaboration roughly 2 years apart. The Phlegm piece had lost its’ hands under another piece so CoLor attached some new ones.


I met Foundry Art in Blackpool last year at the Sand Sea and Spray event where I discovered he was a Sheffield lad who had relocated to Brighton, but was set to make a return to the city. Well it took him a while, but he got here in the end, better late than never I suppose. Foundry had some art work in a small exhibition at KIAC recently, which I unfortunately missed but hopefully we’ll be seeing¬†much more of him now.


10 has hit the ground running this year with the size and style of his pieces, clearly, size matters!



Ryak, raising his profile, always good to see.



Must be something in the water, the theme for 2013 definitely seems to be GO LARGE or go home. Large it is then!

I’m just a walkin’ in the Sunshine


On a day that it wasn’t raining or snowing (finally!), thought I’d give my ankle a workout. First stop, the Black ¬†Out Krews’ favourite spot. Love this piece by Meth.


Next stop a bit of Bob, I’d spotted. A bit of a Marmite character I think, but I like him and this quick throw up demonstrates his precise lines and his deconstructed style perfectly.


Saw this on the backstreets, don’t know who it is, yet.


Miso? I’m not sure, but I was tickled by the ‘Not Pink its Salmon’. ……… And made it over my first wall with no adverse effects!


Eugene ‘While you were sleeping’ Booms. A nice healthy hill climb to get to this.


I don’t know, I just liked it. Made me feel nostalgic for Andolf who appears to no longer be active, perhaps it’s a relative ūüėČ


Getting to this Gzos was quite a pilgrimage, with one 12 foot, practically vertical, very muddy bank nearly defeating me but filthy and happy, I made it. All in all a very enjoyable trek. I giggled all the way home from the bus stop as my legs had forgotten how to walk they were so tired. Just to plan next weeks route now…

Keeping on it!


Got here just in time to see Mila putting her face on.


Another new Stabby Woman from Kid Acne, thanks to a friend for pointing this one out to me.


The unstoppable CoLor Art, started the new year pretty much the same as he finished the last one….painting, painting, painting!


Not a particularly new Boms piece, just a little bit off my normal route, so it took me a while to get there.


Dese, ‘Grounds 4 Divorce’, I’m sure there’s a story there, but I don’t know what it is.


Drot, up there with Boms and CoLor Art for being busy, busy, busy.

Good to see that people are keeping on it, keeps me out of trouble!

Out and About (or Walking back from Physio!)


Though not the busiest time of year but some writers/artists are still compelled to go out and paint, I literally fell off the bus when I saw this Boms piece! I also got the weirdest feeling of deja vu and I don’t know why.


Skint Riseone and others painted at the ballcourts.


Drot/Bob and Kid Acne  had been there as well.


Trik9 and Meth had done a wall, I’m really¬†loving Meths stuff at the moment.


I’m not a mad keen Kid Acne fan, but I do love the Stabby Women and there has definitely been a new batch, don’t know when they went up, but it’s nice to see them again.


I love Barbara the Horse!


I don’t pretend to know what this is about but it made me chuckle.

Even in the depths of winter the streets just keep on giving, just wish it was a bit warmer – and sunny – and not icy…

New Year New Me!……..Yeah Right…


Still not walking properly and getting fed up of it now, but at least I made it onto the tracks for the first time in over 4 months.


I’d been dying to go and see this Boms character after seeing other peoples pics and he didn’t disappoint.


I really like this, not sure who it’s by, I have an idea, but I’m not saying till I know for sure.


I’m guessing this is a tribute to an artist who has passed, I apologise for my ignorance.


A nice bit of Bob, he’s getting very busy.

Good to get back on the tracks, hurt like hell s though, but no pain no gain eh?

The Day Before…..

DSCF0663So dedicated am I that I find myself doing a lengthy detour on my way to work to visit the ballcourt  as there seems to be a speedy turnover here at the moment.


I love this character, by Porn apparently.


DSCF0654An artist I don’t know and Emit.

DSCF0658Kode and Lone TCM.


I got up the next day to walk my dogs and did this.

Following surgery I had to  keep my leg elevated for 6 weeks.

Graffiti hunting was going to get a lot more difficult.