Saturday Night at the Movies Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom and Unit 11 set


On Saturday night I was very privileged to be invited to a cast and crew screening of a new documentary made by talented, local film maker, Theo Cane Garvey, called Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom. Theo has had an interest in graffiti since child hood and decided last year to make this film. It’s a fascinating insight into the history of graffiti in Sheffield and features a number of the key players involved with the birth and growth of the scene, all of whom were in the audience. It was an amazing night, the documentary is most excellent, and for someone like myself who has only been involved with graff for a few years, it was really quite educational. The atmosphere was brilliant, with a real feel that we were all seeing something very special. The film is being put forward for this years Doc/Fest, if you get the chance go see it!


All the writers and artists involved with the film signed a canvas for Theo.( Theo is pictured above right with some of the artists featured.)

Trailer for Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom

Theo Cane Garvey is not new to film making and is currently busy with a new project called ‘Unit 11’  which is a follow up to ‘Plague World’  a violent, survival type horror movie filmed in Sheffield. Here is a quick look at some of the artwork produced to be part of the set.


Popeye by Booms.


Wile e Coyote and Road Runner by Gzos.


Kode and Dial collaboration.

The graffiti scene in Sheffield is buzzing at the moment, it’s a brilliant place to be. I love my city!

Thanks to Crossfit Gym for letting me take the photos.