Waders Not Included

DSCF8162So it’s throwing it down, freezing cold, howling gale, time to go hunting for a piece next to a swollen river, obviously. I guess there are worse things to have as your last view on the world than a cat-carrying water siren by Coloquix.DSCF8174 StitchGzos, Pawski and Shoe, another awesome wall to brighten the city centre.DSCF8185Stabby women, the new batch from Kid Acne, particularly liking the unicorn.DSCF8152Not an especially new Xhastexo and Bine collaboration,but a really good one.DSCF8112Espre, first one of the year, one of many I hope.DSCF8111Almost impossible to comprehend that this is a first piece by an artist, but the Inksurgeon, as his name suggests, normally performs wonders on a much smaller scale. It’s not bad for a debut (!), wonder what he’ll do next…DSCF8091I never was a fan of the Muppets, the only characters I ever really liked were Waldorf and Statler, Rateone must have read my mind!DSCF8107Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, another cracker from Pawski.DSCF8108Skull by Mace, crikey what a scorcher.DSCF8085 StitchSkint and Sour collab, apologies for the poor pic, but they will paint in such awkward places!.DSCF8021Gradually disappearing as is the nature of all things graffiti, the first cat/manatee by Phlegm. Although as some pieces go this is probably antique.DSCF8150Some of Sheffields up and coming, mixed with a few that have been around a while, don’t think that slow fellow will go far though…

Can somebody do something to stop all this rain please, I think I’m starting with trenchfoot. Thank you! 🙂

Sharp Central

This building has changed so much over the time I’ve been coming here, from the artwork on the walls to the fabric of the building itself, which is slowly but surely disintegrating. Certain parts are really quite dangerous and that coupled with the need to be vary aware of potential hazards underfoot, should make this a place to be avoided at all costs, and yet for some reason, for artists, photographers, urbexers and unfortunately drug users alike, it’s one of the most popular spots in the city and a personal favourite.

Of course the fact that Phlegm seems to have some sort of attachment to this place helps a lot.

Members of Nu were regular visitors too.

Clem Alice, she says with knowledge that wasn’t there when she took the picture, produced quite a few unusual pieces around spots in Sheffield, this was one of the first I saw.

If you have read my earliest blog post you’ll know this the first piece I posted a picture of,  sadly this was the last picture I took of it, before it was painted over. There has been some good stuff painted there since, but this was special.

I remember the whole ACAB thing when I was a kid, when we were some foolish enough to think that policemen didn’t know what it meant. It amused me to see it was still on the go and I love the pig.

I wouldn’t recommend climbing these stairs, there isn’t anything on the other side of the door anyway, as in no floor, just a long drop.

This is the last piece Phlegm has done here, so far…..

But I’ll keep checking,  just in case.