Manchester Awayday

Apparently they don’t just have graffiti in Sheffield and Nottingham, somebody told me they have a little bit in Manchester too, so we decided it was time to go and have a look. It didn’t disappoint.

In fact we realised quite rapidly that there was a lot to see.

Invaders, I love them, I found about 20 0f these, that’s around half of them I think.

Kelzo, Manchester based artist, does a lovely bulldog. This wall included pieces from Sheffields own Rocket01 and Fauna Graphic.

Nearly got run over by several buses, while trying to get a decent photo of this.

This was on a parking ticket machine, I’d really like to know who John Smith is and why he made this, it’s really quirky and random.

Frank  Sidebottom!

I know Aryz did part of this, don’t know who the other contributers are, I think it’s great though.

I love this too, it’s a pity it was a bit wrecked by the time I saw it.

O and this was my first introduction to yarn bombing which I think is wonderfully mad!

So, I have to grudgingly accept that Manchester has a fair amount of pretty good graffiti. I also have to acknowledge that I barely scratched the surface of what there is to see. I think I will be returning, on a fairly regular basis, with a map.

Pigeon Coops in Spring

In my quest to see that bloke Phlegms work, I have ended up in some strange places. Staggering up a very steep bank trying to walk on partially buried milk bottles overgrown with brambles to get to an abandoned pigeon coop was fun, although  practically tumbling into the path of rush hour traffic on my way back down was funnier, wide eyed and covered in brambles, twigs and I dread to think what else, I gave a few motorists a fright.

The early part of the year, can be a bit slow on the graffiti front,  not a lot happening unless you know where to look and at this point I did not. Good time for having a wander and finding all the stuff you’ve missed.

This is by Rowdy and Gold Peg.

Hungry Horace is still a conundrum to me. I don’t know who or why, but he’s certainly brightened up the Sheaf Valley trail and Porter  Brook areas with his wacky productions, using car seats,  tiles, chests and carpet in his productions. Sadly a lot of the Horaces have been buffed now, but I guess it just means he will have to make more.

Bubba 2000, I love this but it was very short lived as the University has a zero tolerance policy to graffiti, even when it’s really good.

As I am currently incapacitated, it’s really quite frustrating to see the ground I was covering on a regular basis… at least it’s only 15 days and counting till the pot comes off!

The Early Days, Discovering Playgrounds and Urban Exploration.


I found ball parks in Sheffield that had some awesome graffiti in them such as the piece above that was in Mount Pleasant Park. The character was painted by a girl called Hanna, whom, I understand, went to university and ceased to paint walls from then. I didn’t know any of this at the time and actually only found out early in 2012.


This was another piece from Mount Pleasant, that I really liked. But although it was great to find places like this, a lot more graffiti was in places that were much less accessible, such as this Phlegm creation.


Due to me not being the youngest or fittest it was twelve months before I found a way in to see this, but it was worth the wait. Sadly it has been vandalised now. It is just about my most favourite Phlegm piece of all. Phlegm however is not so keen and has no use for it in his various book projects. There was however another hidden collaboration between Rocket01 and Phlegm in a building that was much more accessible. This piece remained unspoilt for 3 years until it was painted over.