First Jam of the Year- Horbury Jct!


It was a beautiful morning day when I set off with Duse and Pawski to spend the day in a tunnel under the M1. The fellow pictured above, Martin Hayhurst, has managed to get this place made a legal spot following a lengthy battle with the local council. And the artists turned up from all over.


It was a really good day. There was a lot of local interest and a really good vibe about the place.


I apologise in advance for not knowing who most of the artists were. Despite being generally quite gobby, I’m not very good at asking people who they are…



The standard was excellent with many wonderful pieces.



Duse and Pawski were so busy they ended up on this picture twice!



There was supposed to be a theme to the works of cycling or riding, but not everyone felt the need to comply.




I did take hundreds of photos, no really I did!



The full set is on my Flickr




MTH crew were on the left and TPN on the right. I couldn’t believe I’d watched the amazing Replete at work and didn’t even know. Other artists included; Suel, Si2 Hull Graffiti, Arson, Isker, Ample Aerosolicz, Pirat and many more.

It was nearly 9pm before I got home, I was frozen, absolutely exhausted and somewhat intoxicated from various substances in the air…….. Wouldn’t have it any other way, can’t wait till the next one!

Leeds Awayday

Somebody told me that they didn’t have any graffiti in Leeds, well I saw that as a challenge, so off we went to see what we could find. To be honest, it wasn’t the best day for it, it was chucking it down and I hadn’t really got very far with researching locations. The Kosy Crackhead was one of the first things we spotted.

At least got a nice reflection shot due to the soggy conditions and it looks like graffiti to me.

At the point we found this we were well and truly lost. It’s a lovely piece, I really like it.

This artist was one of the reasons we had gone to Leeds in the first place. Replete is hugely talented and paints these 3d creations which are mind bending.

This was another one of Repletes’. Both pieces are in a seriously nasty building with all manner of drug paraphernalia around, reminds me a bit of Sheffields crack den, although this place is much bigger. There was other graffiti in there too.

I love this, it’s got a touch of the Conor Harringtons about it to me and it was a really exciting find.

Well despite being half drowned we had quite a good day in Leeds and we definitely found some graffiti. It was worth the trip and we’ll certainly be back, but might do a bit better research next time.