Disabled Access Only


When you’re used to walking everywhere and all the time, to be told you’re out of action is frustrating. To be told to put my feet up for 6 weeks was just beyond my comprehension. Ended up hiring a wheelchair and bugging the living daylights out of my family to take me out. After all I’d got to see Boms new style of character, this handsome hippo.

DSCF0783It was great to get out even briefly. Rocket01 had done the excellent piece above.

DSCF0802I had seen the piece by Trik9 in production before I broke my leg, it was awesome to sit in front of the finished piece which I think is the best he’s ever done.


I had needed to see CoLor Arts’squirrel ‘Phattening up for Winter’ and despite having to hop down the steps to get into the ballcourt, it was worth it.

DSCF0745Rast, Dmek(?)Dyson – Keeping cool and breaking rules…

DSCF0799And obviously I wouldn’t have missed Gzos in his hat for the world!


Sand Sea,Spray and a Giant Seagull

If you were to ask me, I’d have to say Blackpool is not one of my favourite places. So it was with some trepidation we set off to the Sand Sea and Spray event, not too sure what to expect. Clutching a map of painting sites we did the rounds and honestly, I loved it. The piece above by The London Police was the first we saw of this years work, but we had walked via the bus station where much of the art from the previous year was still intact.

It wasn’t long before I was getting over excited, seeing so many artists working, some of whom I had only ever seen pictures on the internet of their work, others, were completely new to me.

Julian Kimmings was an artist I had heard of, it was good to see a piece of his close up.

Sheffields’ own Rocket01 battled on to complete his part of this collaboration with Sune  despite being full of flu and receiving complaints from a nearby business holder, who was apparently not a fan of the art.

It was nice to meet people too, putting faces to names, like Jay, stencil artist extraordinaire from Manchester.

Louis Masai Michel, a name we hadn’t known till Blackpool, but have been following his progress ever since.

Lonac, I had begun to wonder if he would ever finish his fantastic wall, it was still looking a long way from being complete when we left. We had done several circuits of the painting sites, it had been a great day, even the weather had been glorious. Exhausted but happy we headed off home and personally I can’t wait till the next one!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, the seagulls in Blackpool are HUGE!!


Countryside, Trackside and Phlegm

During wetter weather indoor locations soar in popularity Gzos and Boms had been to this one a couple of times.

I saw Rocketo1 while he was painting this, he looked frozen, just because it’s undercover, it’s not exactly draft free.

Cory, who doesn’t paint as often as some, had paid a visit here with Jaer.

Trackside, some areas are more exposed than others Mune and friends had painted at the more sheltered spot.

Meth and I’m not sure who else, Black? If you know please let me know.

Mr Wolf,  quiet and understated as always, but I’m loving the Boms and Riseone too.

Mr Phlegm finds the oddest things to paint, I trudged a long way down an extremely uneven and quite dangerous track to get here and once here realised there was a much less painful way.

Prey to Some Wild Beast – Phlegm. The more discerning viewer will know that this piece isn’t exactly trackside or countryside, but it’s quite near to a railway line and that will do for me.

Return to the Water House

On a very cold, damp and miserable day we paid a return visit the Water House with no water, although, to be fair, on this occasion it was rather moist.

Time 4 Tea. Rocket01 had been busy.

Biobotanical by RocketO1, the face is based on a photo of David Miliband.

Clem Alice had found his way here too.

I particularly like Clem Alice spiders.

Skint had been here as well with his own personal rainbow, in my opinion he has a real eye for colour.

I don’t know who did this but I like the colours and patterns in it.

Having children that can drive has its uses hopefully I will be able to visit this place more regularly now.

Welcome to the Hotel California, I mean Sheffield

I honestly don’t know where to start with this one.

Once upon a time there was an artist called Phlegm, he stumbled upon a long abandoned derelict hotel. First he painted on the roof and then on many of the floors and then Kid Acne came and painted too. Then the word spread.

And Rocket01 came and painted.

And Fauna Graphic came and painted.

And Boms came and painted.

And Kers came and painted, can you see a pattern emerging?

And CoLor came and painted, many times.

And Wolf came and painted.

There was even a register where artists could sign in, and most of them did.

There was loads and it was amazing. To have so much creativity come together like this was fascinating to record and I think this is where my hobby developed into an obsession. Skint ,Clem Alice, Narke, EMA, Angel and many more came and painted. I can’t include all the pictures here. If you click on any of the pictures you can go through a slideshow of 20 images. I also made a photo book called ‘Welcome to Woemart Halls’ there is a link where you can read it online to the left of the page, the price to buy is unjustifiable so until I can find a way of getting it printed more cheaply, online is all it will be.

I so wish there had been a fairytale ending to this story but sadly there is not. After about 8 weeks the building was resecured, but not before someone went in and emulsioned over every piece of artwork in the place. To me an absolute travesty.

Year End Roundup

I have quite a ‘Graffiti Walk’, (when I can walk) it’s really good exercise. This post is representative of the places covered, and takes us to the end of 2011, starting at Devonshire Green with a piece by Imer from Leeds.

Riseones’ little character in a baseball cap has loads of variations in sticker form allover the city, I love them.

Rocket01 has started making use of Sheffields bare spaces with fantastic green themed murals such as this.

Another ballcourt another Leeds artist I think.

Skint and CoLor. Saw the guys painting this while the weather was freezing, you have to admire the dedication. We left them to it and went to Uncle Sams for a meal!

Onto the next ballcourt. Keep Amp and, I don’t know who, visitors from out of town.

Trik9 Halloween piece, absolutely fabulous!

This is a different ballcourt that took me a very long time to find. It has some nice work but is only small, so I’ll only visit occasionally. The wall above is by Teas, Meth and Trik9 I believe.

CoLor Art did a series of socks throughout the city, this was the christmas one. By the first time we saw it was a little battered, as above, the second time it was in pieces. Pity some people don’t appreciate attempts to brighten their day.

Apart from the small court, this is a fairly regular tour for me, come rain or shine, always interesting always something new to see, can’t wait till I can do it again.

Graffiti Factory

This is one of those strange places that has been derelict so long it’s impossible to even guess at what it was used for, it’s literally a shell, even the graffiti was old, well most of it.

This was possibly the most recent a Boms and Rocket01 collaboration, that was visited twice  by the local constabulary while it was in production. Apparently they were quite impressed with it…

This Angel piece is from 2008 and it is staggering how undamaged it is after 3 years (4 years now). I thought the character was amazing, but had to be told it’s from the Japanese manga film, ‘Ghost in the shell’, which I’ve still never seen.

Fresh! I don’t know anything about this writer, they seem to stay away from the main spots and only paint occasionally, good stuff though.

(MR) Wolf, just 4 letters, doesn’t often do characters, but always eyecatching, in a smacks you in the face kind of a way!

Around the back of the building, through razor wire brambles and buddleia was this colourful Nero, Boms and Monkie collaboration.

Battling through the undergrowth some more we found this Phlegm piece.

If I’m being honest we didn’t ‘find’ this piece, we knew it was here, we hadn’t known about the Nero, Monkie and Boms one so I guess we found that. We did however fear that we may never find our way back out of this jungle, we did of course, but it was a painful process.

This little tri-telescope was on the inside of the door on our first visit, sadly on subsequent visits I am sad to report that it had been removed probably with a crowbar, a trend that sadly seems to be on the increase.

Tool Box of the World! (Ex)

Although a much loved urbex site for its  industrial history, of late this building has become more famous for its artwork. We were a little bit slow off the mark with this place due to logistical reasons, mainly that the building was in use as an airsoft site at the weekends. But a chance encounter with the owner of that business in a place where we both shouldn’t have been, led to an invite to visit between battles. So we did.

Too Gritty For The City. Local artist Rocket01 had been able to make use of some of this vast space as a blank canvas with amazing results.

A collaboration between Riot68 and Rocket01, a real thing of beauty.

Rocket01, Septik, Ziru, Icole and the Mouarf. I think that other than Rocket the other artists are all french. They painted here and in another derelict building in the city.

Beautiful and terrifying all at once, not for the first time I find myself wondering what goes through artists minds, what an imagination, not sure I would want one like that.

Fauna Graphic had also painted here, this lovely peacock. I love the reflection but the photo is grainier than I would like as it was a late autumn afternoon and the light was poor.

I don’t  know who, but I like it.

Possibly Ziru, but it’s only a guess.

Promised ourselves a return visit when the light was better and it was a little less busy, with less risk of getting shot!

Old School Graffiti


We got a lift here from my son and his mate who scaled 5ft railings while we walked round and through the gate, that was wide open.

What a place this was, I felt like I was on hallowed ground, I haven’t seen a graffiti’d area like this in Sheffield, before or since. Again it was a tip from a friend that led me here, for which I’m really grateful.


There was a youth club and an old sports hall that were covered with vibrant colourful works of art such as the Gzos piece at the top, the Kory piece above and the Risk piece below.


I knew of a few of the artists at the time such as Fauna.


The letters piece above is not her usual style, but I really like it.


A great collaboration from Rocket01 and Boms above and below is my most favourite Rocket01 piece ever.


There was just so much to see.




I didn’t know who did this but have been since told its Aroe MSK – Cheers Fry!


Jaer did the piece above.


Piece by Teas (I think)


Collaboration piece by Fauna Amin and Rocket01.

The above piece may be still visible, but all the pieces on the sports hall have gone as the sports hall has been demolished to make way for a housing development. I only saw this place once and never got the chance again, such a shame that part of Sheffields artistic history has been lost.

Bricks, Bricks, Bricks

I have seen more of the city while following graffiti than I ever saw before. But I can safely say I never would have found this place without the help of a good friend. We had a walk through some beautiful countryside to get here.

Rocket01 has done a little bit of painting here.

Some of the pictures are not good quality as the there was no light in some areas of the site. I do apologise.

Gutted that I didn’t get here until after the fire, but the damage/decay almost adds a little to the post apocalyptic feel I get from some of Rockets pieces.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Fauna Graphics’ peacock which I would have loved to have seen in all its glory.

Thankfully only one part of this vast site had been affected by fire, this famous painting is quite wonderfully intact.

Another well known piece by Rocket01 as reflected in a mirror.

There is a little graffiti by other artists, not artists I am familiar with.

This place was quite a hike for us but really worth it, not just for the graff but the building itself, just as well.

We got there and I was happily snapping away and my batteries died. No problem, I always carry spares…which were also flat!

We returned the next day and had covered most of the site before the security guard escorted us, very kindly, off  the premises.

Due a return visit me thinks.