Sand Sea and Spray and Mozfest!

DSCF5593Landed in Blackpool just in time to catch the man himself taking a pic of his finished wall, Dale Grimshaw, stunning as always.DSCF5605C3 was there, managed to miss the biggest piece she had done ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†DSCF5627Truly glorious owl by Bane.¬†DSCF5642Kafka Cat by D7606, good to see him too, D7606 that is, not Kafka.¬†DSCF5650Gorgeous piece by Pipsqueak was Here. I particularly like the girl, she reminds me of a much younger me…DSCF5663Trik9 checking his own handiwork, must be pretty pleased with it. ¬†DSCF5666Lowdown just finishing off. ¬†DSCF5669He Dreamt Mars, love this. ¬†DSCF5673Tankpetrol, awesome.¬†DSCF5675Ador painted several of these quirky characters around the place.¬†¬†DSCF567720/20 in action.DSCF5682Catch22, I heard Robin Ross say he thought this was the best piece he’d ever done, I wouldn’t disagree.DSCF5692Mystical carousel horses by¬†Leona Beth.¬†DSCF5783Not part of SSS¬†but worth the hike up the other end of town to see this beauty by The Mural Artists.DSCF5799 StitchIn another area was a rather cool gathering of writing elite Mef, Moz, Cry, Mez, Kawps, Care and Teaone, otherwise known as Mozfest.DSCF5803Moz, lovely bloke and Stellas’ new best friend. DSCF5804Cry in action.DSCF5808Teaone (I think)¬†DSCF5814Really like this by¬†Jay Sharples, SSS regular, always ready to go home by the time I get there, good to have a quick chat though. ¬†ūüôā¬†DSCF5822Smile assisting Seca One.¬†DSCF5838This wall by Smile was spectacular, totally floored Stella!¬†DSCF5846Meet Stinki, painted by Ship as part of ¬†tremendous.DSCF5764Annatomix and her origami bunnies ūüėÄDSCF5859Amarapordios lovely Lion.DSCF5868Nils Westergard, monochrome masterpiece.¬†DSCF5854Pawski with a beautiful woman, again… ¬† ¬†ūüėȬ†DSCF5855Onesto, new to SSS, and Zina brilliant again.¬†DSCF5861Richard Harrow (Boardwalk Empire) expertly recreated by AkseP19.¬†DSCF5871Cheeky character by Infected by Design.¬†DSCF5789All in all another very good day, had a nice catch up with a few regulars and made some new friends, Stella made quite a lot more, and she had her first charge about on a beach! Looking forward to SSS and Mozfest 2016

Sand, Sea and Spray 2013

DSCF1346So after vowing again to make it a weekend in Blackpool for Sand Sea and Spray, we found ourselves only able to get there for the last day, again! But what a day it was, fantastic artwork and fabulous weather, what more could you want………although a reliable train service would have been nice…

First stop was the Old Rock Factory in Blackpool where the wall had been brightened by Catch22, Kashink, Lowdown,  Jay Sharples, Mydog Sighs, Zed1, Infected by Design, Parlee and others.

DSCF1204DSCF1169DSCF1191¬†Parlee did a series of these gorgeous characters around the town, 9 altogether or so I heard, once I’d got home, wish I’d realised while I was there.

DSCF1184¬†Mydog Sighs rather than having a blank canvas to work on chose instead to go feral and choose his own spots, which he did to fantastic effect. Sadly we weren’t there in time for his free art drops, maybe next time…

DSCF1222 There was uproar in the week before Sand Sea and Spray as the 2011 Smug piece was emulsioned over, until people realised it was being prepped for Smug to paint it again. This piece painted with Dead proved to be quite a jaw dropper.

DSCF1225 But Steve Buscemi as painted by Akse P19 was quite a jaw dropper too.

DSCF1210¬†And then there’s Dale Grimshaw, his paintings are surreal, yet photo realistic and make my brain hurt.

DSCF1265 On our walk round we saw this piece featuring Dastardly and Muttley, love it.

DSCF1301Danzig, very dark and mysterious, although the man himself is lovely.

DSCF1248I’m guessing AP is the artist, I really like this character.

DSCF1167¬†Phoneboxes by D7606. Some people don’t like paste ups, but I feel that there’s always room for different things out there. These make me smile and I don’t even know why.

DSCF1277¬†Kem Mef and Title completed this piece the week after SSS 2012 I think it’s an amazing wall but one of the artists was quite disappointed to see how it has deteriorated over the last year. I think sometimes a little peely paint can add character and atmosphere to a piece, and to me it does in this case but if you want to see it in the flesh, sooner rather than later would be best.

DSCF1383Sheffields’ own Fauna Graphic completed this beautiful study of a pair of swans while we were here.

DSCF1406Foundry taking a pic of his stunning finished portrait of Siouxsie Sioux.

DSCF1179This piece by Idiom with a little help from Mydog Sighs has proved to be controversial, for reasons that baffle me. ¬†The origins of holidays and tourism came from people visiting the coast to take the air and the water ‘Taking the Cure’ , so that someone has decided it’s an illegal substance reference is ridiculous and speaks volumes about the narrow minded person who thought of it.

There was more, much more, and all of it was good. Robin Ross and his team have done a wonderful job again. Next year we are going for the weekend, no really we are.

Sand Sea,Spray and a Giant Seagull

If you were to ask me, I’d have to say Blackpool is not one of my favourite places. So it was with some trepidation we set off to the Sand Sea and Spray event, not too sure what to expect. Clutching a map of painting sites we did the rounds and honestly, I loved it. The piece above by The London Police was the first we saw of this years work, but we had walked via the bus station where much of the art from the previous year was still intact.

It wasn’t long before I was getting over excited, seeing so many artists working, some of whom I had only ever seen pictures on the internet of their work, others, were completely new to me.

Julian Kimmings was an artist I had heard of, it was good to see a piece of his close up.

Sheffields’ own Rocket01 battled on to complete his part of this collaboration with Sune ¬†despite being full of flu and receiving complaints from a nearby¬†business holder, who was apparently not a fan of the art.

It was nice to meet people too, putting faces to names, like Jay, stencil artist extraordinaire from Manchester.

Louis Masai Michel, a name we hadn’t known till Blackpool, but have been following his progress ever since.

Lonac, I had begun to wonder if he would ever finish his fantastic wall, it was still looking a long way from being complete when we left. We had done several circuits of the painting sites, it had been a great day, even the weather had been glorious. Exhausted but happy we headed off home and personally I can’t wait till the next one!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, the seagulls in Blackpool are HUGE!!