Journey To The Dark Side

DSCF2796Decided to take a trip over to Manchester, long overdue for a visit, and of course had to go and see the piece by Mila K.DSCF2785Excellent capture of Nelson Mandela by Akse P19.DSCF2783Something a little different for C3 I think, really liking this.DSCF2782Wonderfully surreal piece on the shutters of the former Mooch gallery.DSCF2780Good to see that an original Brickz piece is still almost intact.DSCF2771Frogs, I like frogs 🙂DSCF2761 StitchPart of the Toaster wall, it was huge but has been gone over in one section.DSCF2758Mr Penfold,cheeky chappy. DSCF2753Ghostpatrol with a stunning wall in the Northern Quarter.DSCF2729D7606, quite near to his home territory I think, mind you he gets about.DSCF27225ifur, perhaps.DSCF2707Strange graffiti, not that unusual 😉DSCF2693Tirion Lannister by Akse P19. I don’t often feature an artist twice in one blog post, but this is fantastic and it is such a shame that many of his characters have been dogged. DSCF2677Spotted in a carpark.DSCF2675Boeuf!DSCF2672Cool sticker/ pasteup.DSCF2664Don’ Sleep, by Sneak, good to see him back on it.DSCF2812Tankpetrol, beautiful.DSCF2798Another favourite from the Northern Quarter.DSCF2666Tony Wilson, founder of the Hacienda, immortalised by Stewy. Only found this because I got lost, wouldn’t be a day out if I didn’t get lost at least once.

Had a really good day which only the weather could spoil, and it did, my little dog nearly disappeared in a puddle and was seriously not happy. Had to share my Burgerking with her to cheer her up.


DSCF6899I discovered this by chance and I was very excited by it. I knew I had seen something similar in Manchester. It’s an artist called Sneak and he had paid Sheffield a visit.

DSCF6903This was the first one to be destroyed/ removed/ disappeared.

DSCF6905I got some strange looks off early morning motorists getting a shot of this I can tell you, as I stood somewhat unsteadily on a wall at the side of a busy dual carriageway.

DSCF6910 A friend of mine told me where this one was, I was searching in the usual graffiti spots and this was not in one.

DSCF6962AngryFace had also paid us a visit. Although he had been previously with pasteups and stickers, this time he came equipped with paint!

DSCF7128 I’m very fond of AngryFace, he makes me smile, he’s a wonderful stress reliever.

DSCF7199Who couldn’t love a face like that ?

I think it says a lot about the way the graff/streetart scene in the city is viewed nationally, that artists and writers will travel to Sheffield because they want there work to be seen here.

And finally, even though it’s freezing and the weather is lousy, spring is coming, the clocks go forward at the weekend and Mr Angry Rabbit wishes you all a Happy F*****g Easter!